4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Great Hoodie

how to style a hoodie
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There’s no question that a hoodie is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing out there.

It’s also versatile and can be styled with almost anything — it’s no wonder most people have at least a couple of pieces in their wardrobes!

But do hoodies actually look good on everyone? Everyone wants to look attractive, so it’s no surprise that some people raise this question.

Good news! We’re taking a closer look.

1. They Flatter All Body Types

how to style a hoodie
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Let’s cut to the chase and immediately say that, yes, hoodies look good on guys, hoodies look good on girls, hoodies look good on everyone!

One of the main reasons is that they are suitable for any body type. Self-conscious about your body? The hoodie nicely covers you up with the excess fabric.

Want to embrace your shape? A slim-fit hoodie will accentuate your figure.

Whichever group you fall into, a hoodie looks good on you!

2. They’re Sexy and Cozy

are hoodies flattering
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The magic of the hoodie is that it can be both sexy and cozy. It all depends on which hoodie you choose and how you style it.

Initially, hoodies started as athlete-only garments and are still associated with fit folks, meaning when you wear one, that’s the message you’re sending out to the world. Not bad, right?

Now, if you want to look a little sexier and more intriguing, choose a slim-fit black or any other dark-color hoodie, pair it with skinny jeans or chinos and throw on a leather jacket. Done!

If you’re going for cute and cozy vibes, choose brighter colors and pair the hoodie with blue or other light jeans.

It really is up to you, and that’s the point.

3. Oversized and Slim-Fit Hoodies

how to style a hoodie
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There’s the classic hoodie, and then there are the oversized and slim-fit hoodies. These two deliver different messages, but neither of them is better or worse than the other.

Oversized hoodies may seem a little intimidating, but it’s one of the trendiest garments of recent years, and when styled right, it shows your fashion-aware side!

Oversized hoodies are best for casual occasions.

Slim-fit hoodies are the opposite and perfect for smart-casual and semi-formal occasions. Wear them for work under a blazer or a button-down shirt and slacks for casual business meetings.

Make sure your hoodie fits well and is of high quality, like the ones from Fresh Clean Threads.

4. Perfect For Any Age

how to style a hoodie
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There is a common misconception that hoodies are “not suitable” or “don’t look good” after a certain age.

We beg to differ. It all depends on the hoodie you choose and how it fits you.

Yes, a Mickey Mouse logo or neon pink hoodie might not be the best choice after 50, but that’s why classic colors exist!

Like any other garment, hoodies come in different shapes and colors so everyone can find one. Been out of college for a while? Navy, black, maroon, or grey is your best bet!

Hoodie Styling Tips

hoodie styling tips
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We believe that we’ve established that everyone genuinely looks good in a hoodie if they choose the right one.

Here are a few more tips to help you nail it.

Forget logos and graphics, especially if you’re over 30. Yes, there are some exceptions, but generally, logos look cheap and childish, so leave them to children.

Go for high-quality fabrics. If you want to look good, you need to invest in your wardrobe; cheap polyester won’t do the trick. Choose high-quality cotton and its blends, cashmere, or merino wool.

Pay attention to the dress code. While hoodies are versatile, it’s up to you to assess whether the occasion is suitable to wear one. You probably should skip it if you’re invited to a cocktail party or opera!