4 Times Custom Design T-Shirts Are the Perfect Gift

friends t shirt
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There are many occasions for which you may want to order custom t shirts. You may have a trip coming up where you want all group members to be easily identifiable. You may be organizing a bachelorette party and want the bride’s name on the shirt that everyone will be wearing. You may have a team at work that needs to be easily recognized by your customers, or you may simply want to have some fun and order some t-shirts for all your friends or family to have. Whatever the reason, here are some great ideas to get your imagination flowing when you start designing your new t-shirts.

1. For Your Employees

employees colleagues
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You are set on a project to design the perfect t-shirt to represent your business and brand. You are convinced that this will boost company morale while helping to drive up sales. You also like the idea of your customers walking into your store and being able to identify who works there at a glance. Your hurdle? Getting your employees on board with this project and be amenable to the idea of wearing them to work. To make an attractive t-shirt for work, don’t focus on your company logo, which can be placed discreetly to one side. You can also pair the tees with promotional bandanas if you want to go all out.

2. For a Bachelorette Party or Celebration

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Once again, your greatest hurdle will be convincing everyone attending this event to wear your newly-designed t-shirt. Your aim should be to make everyone going to the party feel like they are part of an exclusive group and that wearing this t-shirt is the equivalent of wearing a badge of honor. After all, you want this to be an epic celebration that everyone will remember, and you also want to have the pictures to prove it, with everyone wearing the t-shirt. Find a motif that represents the celebration and place it front and center. Going overboard with the design may have some of your guests staying away from it.

3. For the Sports Fans in Your Life

sports fans
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This may be one of the easiest t-shirts to design since sports fans generally have no problem showing off their favorite team’s name wherever they go. Use your creativity to showcase the team logo in an unusual name or pair it with a t-shirt that has the team’s color as well. If available, look for t-shirts made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials that wearers may use while playing their favorite sport.

4. For a College Graduation

students graduation
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There is nothing like school apparel to help students show their pride in their educational institutions. A good way for them to celebrate a major event like graduation could be to have identical t-shirts designed for all graduates to wear. Emphasizing school pride through a clever illustration that incorporates the name of the school, its mascot, or other distinctive feature that everyone will associate with their school will make for a fun t-shirt that not only will students want to wear, but they may also want to hold on to it as a memento of a special time in their lives. Using a background t-shirt color that brings back memories of the school will make this t-shirt a success.