4 Ways to Prepare For the New Year

how to get ready for the new year
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It’s approaching so quickly; the holidays tend to do this year after year, almost like they take us by surprise. Whether you celebrate the various festivities, or not, the holidays provide everyone with a great chance to catch up with friends and family and get some quality time with loved ones. Therefore, it’s worth heading into the swing of things in full swing and feeling your best self. However, this time of year can also feel a little overwhelming at times, or, worst case scenario; utterly exhausting!

All that socializing, parties, meals, gift shopping, giving, winding down, and tying up loose ends for the year (you get the idea), can all lead to burnout, stress, and entering January feeling like a shell of yourself pre-Halloween. Don’t worry; you’re not alone, it’s a full-on time of year for so many! There are also plenty of things you can do beforehand, in preparation, so that it’s a positive experience and you’ll feel great when the new year arrives (if, a little bit tired). The following are some tips, ideas, and inspo, for those feeling daunted by the impending season of celebrations, and who want to plan to feel prepared, positive, and full of the holiday spirit.

1. Prepare As An Employee

how to prepare for the new year
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As an employee of any sized company; much of the logistics and hard work regarding the holidays will be taken care of, or, depending on your role, be set out for you to complete. Don’t hesitate to question any overtime or extra hours they throw at you; this is not a time of year to be short of time alongside feeling out of pocket. Be brave, diplomatic, and direct in your approach; it is always a good idea to show that you know your worth as an employee, and it will help to set the tone for the new year.

Be methodical in your approach to your tasks so that you can tick everything off your list (and more) before January arrives. You don’t want to arrive back at your desk in the new year, already feeling bogged down by the work you need to do. Therefore, it’s totally worth responding to that email you’ve been avoiding, making sure your stock is full with a site like WholesaleSparkle.com, and planning your schedule for the first few weeks back at work in 2023.

A proactive approach to wishing clients happy holidays, or sending thanks will always make a great impression. You could also schedule some meetings for January so that you’ll be full of promise in your career in the new year. Look after your needs first in your job, followed by taking some steps to progress (again, for yourself), followed by ensuring all the admin or menial tasks are completed on time (again, this will only benefit you and take a weight off your shoulders over the festive season).

2. Prepare As A Family Member

things to do before the new year
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Right, moving out of the office and heading towards what can really matter over the festive season; family. And, this can mean relatives, or, chosen family! It’s time to make some time and invest some effort into those you hold close to your heart. Again, this might be something that completely overwhelms you, but, it doesn’t have to! Whether there are lots of family to see or just a few special people; book some time together now. Whether it’s a meal in a restaurant, or holiday movies and gift-giving at your place, having a set time planned, will help ensure that you don’t feel swamped by expectations.

Next time you’re sitting down to watch your favorite Netflix show; order and wrap any gifts you might want to give, write your cards and messages, or a meal plan for that tasty dinner you’ve decided to host. Make the planning stage a fun and festive experience, rather than a rushed panic in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year. It could also be a great chance to make the most of all the store sales; grab that guest bedding and some towels on offer so that family from further afield can stay over. Again, it’s about doing lovely things and planning in advance so you feel your best.

Don’t be afraid to say no. You’re only one person, and you can’t do everything! If you think that 3 plans to see separate family members in one day are a bit much; we’re here to tell you that it is! You want to be on form and enjoying all that family time, rather than feeling tired and thinking about getting to the next gathering of the day. Therefore, choose wisely, combine get-togethers where possible, and sprinkle the word “no” in regularly if needed.

3. Prepare As A Friend

how to prepare for the new year
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As many friends feel just like family; a lot of the rules apply that were previously mentioned. However, there’ll also be old-school gatherings, parties with those colleagues you call friends, and trips for festive coffees and catch-ups with your besties to get into the spirit. Again, planning ahead will be your best friend here. Three nights of partying in a row probably aren’t the ideal way to look after yourself and feel great for the following coffee date with your BFF. Therefore, it’s time to ensure that you’ve filtered down your social plans and don’t overstretch your time, or RSVP “yes” to every single event.

Creating a friendmas would be a great way to see many of them in one go; you could host dinner, or go out for drinks together, Or an open house/apartment day could be an excellent way to entertain a variety of your close friends and acquaintances that you don’t want to leave out over the festive season. You can do a buffet, put the candles and music on, a serve festive drinks; give people a set time (e.g between 2 pm and 6 pm) to drop in for a bite to eat and well wishes for the holidays and the new year ahead. Of course, besties are invited to stay and help clean-up, up before PJs and finishing those delicious canapes you made (or bought).

4. Prepare For Yourself And Your Wellbeing

how to get ready for the new year
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A lot of how is best to prioritize yourself and your well-being has already been discussed previously. However, it really is the most important thing that you can take with you throughout the festive season and holidays. If you do and commit too much, or too many things over a short period of time; you’ll get run down and even unwell. Therefore, spacing out your social commitments is crucial, along with all the planning in the various areas of your life. Make sure to relax regularly; quiet evenings in the bath, and eating nourishing meals, is the best way to spend your time in between all the extra work, parties, and social plans.

Don’t break the bank to buy gifts or host extravagant parties; those who matter will just want to see you and for you to be as happy and healthy as possible. You also don’t want to head into 2023 feeling stressed about money, so it’s worth budgeting accordingly and having plenty of affordable fun; whether by yourself or with those you can’t wait to have time with.


In the end, you shouldn’t forget about celebrating either. You went a whole other year, and you managed to deal with every challenge that was thrown your way. You’re strong, you’re amazing, and you can keep doing this! Celebrating not only welcomes the new year, but you’re celebrating everything hurdle you had to deal with and how you came out stronger than ever. So grab yourself a Southside Cocktail, put on your best dress, and go out with friends and celebrate.


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