‘Game of Thrones’ is Coming to Hulu — For a Price

game of thrones hulu
source: Facebook

We have some good news/bad news here: Game of Thrones is officially coming to Hulu! But it will cost you.

Hulu recently made a deal with HBO to allow Hulu subscribers to buy a premium ad-on to access all HBO programs and movies including Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, Westworld, and Insecure. According to The Hollywood Reporter, you’ll not only be able to watch, but you’ll be able to stream the shows LIVE.

The ad-on will cost an additional $15 a month. The irony is that this is actually the same amount the HBO Now, the streaming only service, costs. So basically, this is not much of a deal. I guess it allows for the convenience of everything within one platform?

Another note: Hulu hasn’t announced whether or not you’ll be able to stream all seasons of HBO shows on the platform (usually you can only watch the most recent couple of seasons), but if it truly is the entire HBO experience, then you should be able to.

Hulu previously made a similar deal with Showtime. They’re currently offering HBO on Hulu for one month free as part of a promotion. Just in time for the July 15 season 7 premiere of GoT!

Lena Finkel
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