‘The Fosters’ Season 5: Preview, Pics, and What to Expect

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In less than a week, The Fosters will return for season 5 right where it left off — with Callie going off with her new acquaintance Diamond and her pimp.

The original plan was for Callie’s mom Steph to track her phone so they could nab the pimp and send him to jail. But things went horribly awry when the pimp threw Callie’s phone out the window. So what will happen to Callie now?

According to the show’s EP,

“The situation that Callie gets herself in in the [season 4] finale becomes a real watershed moment for her and is really life-changing and forces her to look at her life in a way that she just has never quite done. That sets up her journey for all of season 5.”

But Callie isn’t the only one facing the consequences of her actions. For Mariana, the EP says “the dust from that has certainly not settled yet, for sure,” as far as her secret Twitter handle is concerned. She’s also putting pressure on the school board to prevent Anchor Beach from going private.

Jesus and Emma are still dealing with the fallout from her decision to get an abortion without consulting him.

As for Brandon, the EP said,

“He’s been a little retreated, he’s been a little bit pulled into his shell trying to figure out how to navigate the choices he’s made. That feels very true and very real, and season 5 is sort of about him poking his neck out of his shell again.”

Maia Mitchell also added that Callie and Brandon will continue keeping their friendship at a distance, which has kind of fallen by the waist side at this point. She said,

“Their relationship is quite complicated so I don’t think you’re going to see them be each other’s person this season. They do have such a strong connection and understanding of each other so you will see them checking in with each other, underneath it all they still care about each other a lot.”

Check out the season 5 preview below as well as some pics from the season premiere.

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