Why You Need to Stop Comparing Ariel Winter to Kylie Jenner

You know what I can’t stand? Watching the media constantly pit awesome women against each other. The latest comparison that the internet seems to have latched on to is Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner and it needs to stop now.

The comparison first started gaining steam when folks noticed similarities in Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner’s styles and Instagram pics. Winter would step out sported booty shorts and a crop top and people would instantly say she was copying Jenner. Winter would post a belfie (booty selfie) and the internet would claim she was trying to be a Kardashian. Or most recently at Coachella, Ariel decided to rock a hot pink wig and websites immediately claimed that she was channeling her inner Kylie.

Well, you know who else loves wearing ripped jeans? Everyone! And Kylie didn’t invent sporting colorful wigs. In fact, it’s an appropriation of black culture that she’s decided is suddenly hers. So claiming that Ariel is copying Kylie is not only rude but completely inaccurate.

And why does it even have to be Kylie Jenner versus Ariel Winter anyway? Just because the two women happen to be the same age (both are 19-years-old) and live in the same town, doesn’t mean you automatically need to put them in the same category. Winter is an actress on an Emmy award-winning TV show and Jenner is a reality TV star and a makeup mogul.

And the worst part about comparing two young ladies is it implies that there can only be one winner, one person who succeeds. Women are taught from a young age that we need to compete with each other to the death because there are limited slots for women at the top, while there are an infinite amount of spots for men.

While unfortunately, there may be some truth to that right now, we’re never going to change is in for just play into the stereotype. And that’s what shine theory is all about. Ever heard the quote, “real queens fix each other’s crowns”? Well, that’s what shine theory tells us: we must help other awesome ladies if we want to truly be successful. Because if all of us don’t succeed, then none of us do.

So do yourself a favor and stop comparing Kylie and Ariel. And while you’re at it, just stop comparing women period. There can be room for all of us at the top if we want there to be.


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Lena Finkel
Lena Finkel is the Editor and Founder of Femestella. Prior to starting Femestella, she worked at People, InStyle, Tiger Beat, and Sesame Workshop (aka Sesame Street). She loves all things Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules. When she's not busy binge-watching TV, you can find her hanging out with her tuxedo cat Tom.