‘Younger’ Season 4: Darren Star on What to Expect

younger season 4
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One of our favorite shows Younger is finally coming back!

If you haven’t caught up on the first three seasons, warning, spoilers ahead! 

Ok, so season 3 left off with a doozy! Liza finally revealed her true age to Kelsey (Hilary Duff) plus she’s caught in a love triangle with her boss and her hot young boyfriend. What’s a woman to do?

If you thought season 3 was great, Executive Producer Darren Star says that season 4 is about to take it to the next level.

“Liza has to juggle a lot of balls. She has loyalties to people she loves [and] she wants to keep working — her job is important — and by the end of the first episode you understand why she feels compelled to keep her lie alive. [But] I think the most important thing to know about Liza is she is very determined to stay in the publishing business, to stay in that world. She’s going to [find a way to] grow in terms of her job and her work, which makes what she has on the line to lose even greater.”

Although Liza revealed herself to Kelsey, the rest of the publishing firm still doesn’t know that she isn’t a twenty-something millennial. So why did she risk it all by telling Kelsey? Star said,

“It felt like the only way she could redeem herself was to tell Kelsey, and I think her attitude in telling Kelsey was a little bit about letting the chips fall where they may. Her desire to not be lying to Kelsey, someone who she has this very intimate relationship with, was more important to her than doing her job at that point. [Their] relationship will continue to be the core of the show, but it changes in a necessary way.”

He added that the lie is only going to get worse and worse in season four, and even compared the situation to Watergate.

“Let’s just say, in Watergate, it wasn’t about the break-in, it was about the lie. And that’s the same with Liza: It’s not about [her age], it’s about that she’s lying, and the lie has continued to grow, and the betrayals can sometimes snowball.”

Younger season 4 premieres on TV Land on June 28.

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