‘The Mindy Project’ Season 6: Mindy Kaling Promises All Your Favorites to Return

mindy project season 6
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We can’t believe The Mindy Project is finally ending! After six years and two networks, Mindy Lahiri will take her final bow.

Season 5 left us on a total cliffhanger, with Mindy marrying Nurse Ben, although a bit reluctantly. The cast and crew have remained pretty tight-lipped about the final season, but Mindy Kaling did have one thing to say. She told Glamour,

“All of everybody’s favorites are coming back. People were calling to say, ‘I really want to be part of the last season,’ so we have some of everybody’s favorites coming back in a really meaningful way. Which is exciting. Sal just read all of the outlines! I can’t say more, or [executive producer] Matt Warburton will kill me, but there’s a lot of fan-favorite men that Sal [Perez] will have to dress again.”

In our opinion, that means a heavy dose of Dan, Peter, and maybe even a little Jaime? B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling remain BFFs so we would be shocked if he didn’t even make a tiny guest appearance.

Looking back on the show, Kaling says she hopes her character isn’t remembered for all her romances but rather for her fashion sense. She said,

“You can be fabulous and care about how you look and know about designers and be a really strong woman. It’s weirdly not reflected in a lot of shows. [But] Sal and I talk about this…that women who don’t look conventionally like what you’d [normally] see on TV tell us that they tried a new fashion because of my character. I love that. I’m inspired by Mindy Lahiri. I wouldn’t wear about half the things Sal puts me in, and yet I do it because he tells me I can pull it off, and that’s a huge confidence booster.”

Kaling has often talked about the importance of showcasing awesome plus-size/curvy fashion, particularly in showing that curvy women can wear colors and patterns too! She previously said,

“I really want to inspire women who aren’t sticks to wear bright colors, because often they don’t like their bodies or they don’t want to be looked at. The show is such a celebration of women who aren’t waifs.”

If you’re worried about missing Kaling on the small screen, worry not. She’s producing a new show called Champions starring former co-star Anders Holm in which she’ll also guest star. She’s also working to adapt a TV show based on a former Obama staffer’s memoir. And of course, she’ll be making her move to the silver screen in Ocean’s Eight alongside Rihanna. Yeah, we’d say Mindy’s career is going to be just fine after TMP ends. Phew!

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