5 Best Period Brands For Trans and Non-Binary Menstruators

gender neutral period products
courtesy Tampon Tribe

We all know by now that menstruation doesn’t have a gender. Not all menstruators are women and not all women menstruate.

And yet, the period industry has been slow to play catch-up. We still see ridiculous tampon commercials with cis women running and laughing and tampons still come in pretty pink packaging.

There have been *some* strides towards gender-neutrality (Always brand made waves when they removed the feminine symbol from their packaging). But there’s a big difference between de-feminizing your products and actually embracing trans and non-binary customers.

So, if you’re looking for period products that actually put LGBTQ menstruators first, check out this list of our favorite gender-affirming period brands below.

1. Tampon Tribe

trans period products
courtesy Tampon Tribe

The LGBTQ-owned period brand Tampon Tribe recently debuted its newest period underwear, Shorty Jim Jams, and they are *perfect* for all genders! The organic cotton boxer briefs come in black and heather grey and go up to size 4XL. They also hold up to 3 tampons-worth so you can comfortably wear them all day long or all night.

The best part is that, for every pair sold, a daily hygiene pack is donated to a homeless person in need through the organization Project Code Red, which tackles period poverty. So you know you can feel great about your purchase! Check out all of Tampon Tribe’s period underwear here.

2. UltuCup

trans friendly period brands
courtesy UltuCup

UltuCup is a sustainable menstrual cup that’s been designed with all menstruators in mind. Both the cup itself and the packaging are completely gender-neutral, unlike all those pink alternatives. The brand is also careful to use gender-neutral language on its website, opting for words like “user” and “person” rather than “woman.”

On top of that, the cup is one of the most sustainable options on the market with every part of the manufacturing process as streamlined as possible. The cup is made from clear, 100% medical-grade silicone and the packaging is even compostable!

The UltuCup is also perfect for beginners new to menstrual cups. Since they’ve ditched the plastic and rubber, the cups are extremely soft and flexible. Additionally, they can be worn for up to 12 hours, which means you can sleep soundly knowing you won’t wake up to a leak. Check out UltuCup’s complete line on their website here.

3. TomboyX


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Obviously, we have to include TomboyX. The intimates brand was literally started as an underwear brand for everyone on the gender spectrum. So it was only natural that they should extend their line into period underwear. Their “leakproof underwear” comes in a variety of styles including boxer briefs and trunks and come in colors like black, grey, and blue.

On top of that, sizes go up to 6X, meaning that there are more options than ever for folks of all body shapes and sizes.

4. Aisle (Formerly Lunapads)


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Aisle is all about sustainability so all of their products are reusable. This includes period boxer briefs, cloth pads, and menstrual cups.

The brand makes a huge point of hiring models of all body sizes and gender identities, proving their dedication to representation. Sizes for their period underwear range from 2XS-5X.

5. Pyramid Seven

Pyramid Seven was created for one thing and one thing only: to create period boxer briefs for menstruators of any gender.

In addition to a leak guard, the boxers also have an interior picket if you want to add a pad or liner for extra protection. Sizes only go up to 2XL at the moment.


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