The 5 Best Netflix Movies to Watch During Spring Break

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With spring break almost upon us and all classes being moved online, everyone will finally have the free time to enjoy some spring break movies on Netflix.

Usually, during the semester, students are too busy to enjoy all the amazing content on Netflix and some may even choose to forgo their usual homework and buy quality essays online instead so they can keep up with their favorite shows and movies. But with spring break around the corner, we can all enjoy our off time and binge to our heart’s content!

The best part of Netflix is that they are constantly releasing new content and there are some really awesome movies coming in 2021 — especially in March, April, and May.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable getaway this spring break, we have a list of the best spring break movies that will help you feel like you’re on vaca without even having to leave your house.

1. Spring Breakers (2013)

spring breakers movie

What better way to get into the spring break spirit than watching a movie that’s named after spring break? The experienced actresses that play the lead characters are Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine, and Ashley Benson. Starring as the rapper and drug dealer is James Franco.

2. XOXO (2016)

xoxo netflix movie

Anyone who loves EDM definitely shouldn’t miss out on this movie! It’s a Netflix original about a DJ played by Graham Philips, who gets the opportunity to play at a huge rave in America. The movie also stars Hayley Kiyoko and Sarah Hyland. The movie’s soundtrack might even inspire you to throw your own mini dance party!

3. Ibiza: Love Drunk (2018)

ibiza netflix movie

Ibiza might not be your typical spring break movie but the vibes will definitely resonate as a great vacation flick. The movie stars Gillian Jacobs, Vanessa Bayer, and Phoebe Robinson. This trio of besties go on a work trip in Barcelona but it soon becomes a lost weekend for them. This is definitely a movie you shouldn’t miss.

4. American Pie (1999)

american pie movie

American Pie is 100% a must-watch movie. It holds the reputation for the most unique high school comedy and has stood the test of time. Judy Berman of TIME wrote this about the teen comedy,

“Everything in the world changes, but at least one thing about the teenage life stays the same. The fact that the American high scholars are a hormone-addled mess.”

5. 47 Meters Down (2017)

47 meters down movie

This is the perfect movie for anyone who would usually plan a spring break trip to the ocean. The movie is about two sisters, played by Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, who decide to try shark cage diving in Mexico. But their vacation quickly turns for the worse as the cage detaches from the boat and falls all the way down to the ocean floor.

Netflix never stops releasing new movies so if you’ve already seen these five, there are always more options! If you’re looking for something new, the following are coming out this spring:

Coven of Sisters (March 11)
Yes, Day (March 12)
Get the Goat (March 18)
Caught by a Wave (March 25)
Bad Trip (March 26)
Madame Claude (April 2)
Night in Paradise (April 9)
Ride or Die (April 15)
The Woman in the Window (May 14)
Army of the Dead (May 21)

So, go ahead and buy some snacks, get comfortable, turn on your TV, and enjoy your class-free spring break.


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