5 Famous Women on How They Deal With Stress And Anxiety

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Right now, it feels like stress and anxiety are pretty much ubiquitous. Between the two pandemics, the volatile political landscape, the constant police brutality, and more, it can be hard to feel safe and relaxed.

And we’re certainly not the only ones who feel that way. Despite having all the money and resources in the world, celebrities also suffer from these same feelings and struggle with how to deal with them.

Fortunately, it sounds like a few of them have figured out a way to keep their stress and anxiety at bay — well, at least for a little bit. Some of their tactics include meditation, self-empowering affirmations, or even CBD and THC supplements like Delta 9 gummies.

Below, we explore some of their advice for dealing with stress and anxiety when it all just gets to be too much.

1. Lizzo

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“Rejection triggers my anxiety and depression. Once I learn how to choose myself and be completely validated by that choice, I’ll put the trigger in my hands and not in the hands of others.”

— via Twitter

2. Ashley Benson

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“I was on Xanax for a long time. It helped, but I decided I was going to be able to self-medicate through meditation, working out, sleeping, eating healthy, and drinking more water. I have this meditation app on my phone. I use it at least three times a week. There will be times where I will get [anxiety], but it’s not a full-blown panic attack. It’s just, like, for a couple hours I feel as if I’m going to die.”

— to Health magazine

3. Maren Morris

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“This year I’ve been a student of the soul, going to therapy, exercising, listening to my partner better, putting my phone down and really enjoying the company of my friends and family when I’m home, trusting my intuition on those I should lean into and those I should avoid, making amends with people, admitting when I’ve screwed up, finding joy during my shows and not overlaying every move or word, meditating through my anxiety, letting myself remain open in a society that likes to magnify and mock vulnerability, learning to just EXHALE.”

— via Instagram

4. Cecily Strong

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“I can’t tell you how much I hate exercise… [but] the feeling I get after exercising is way more amazing than I’d like to admit. I feel more confident. Plus I have crazy anxiety, and sometimes a 20-minute Jillian Michaels DVD workout hurts the emotional stress right out of me.”

— to Glamour magazine

5. Kate Hudson

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“Meditation has saved my sanity. Not that I was crazy, but in this world of hyperspeed, overstimulation, no escape from technology, and constant emotional stress, it’s very hard to stay centered and grounded. And yet, since I’ve integrated meditation into my daily life — which doesn’t mean I do it every day — I feel so much more at ease, knowing that I can re-center myself when life feels out of control.”

— in her book Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body


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