5 Engagement Ring Trends We're Currently Obsessed With

engagement ring trends 2022
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2022 has been a *big* year for celebrity engagements.

Our favorite celebs have said “yes” with Sydney Sweeney, Lana Condor, Brenda Song, Joey King, Sofia Richie, Kat Graham, Perrie Edwards, Jennifer Lopez, and so many more getting engaged this year.

If we’ve learned anything from those gorgeous rings it’s that 2022 engagement ring trends are shifting back towards the classic. Brides-to-be are opting for single-stone rings in classic shapes, with emerald cut and oval cut diamonds being particularly popular.

But just because people are choosing solitaire engagement rings doesn’t mean they’re by any means ordinary. Those who went with a classic cut also opted for an extra-large diamond that makes a statement. Others are going with a single stone but in a more unique shape like hexagonal cut diamonds.

If you’re looking for a chic engagement ring that will stand the test of time, check out the biggest engagement ring trends of 2022 below for a little inspiration.

1. Classic-Cut Solitaire Rings

Instead of choosing more ornate designs like a three-stone ring or a halo ring, brides are going for a statement-making solitaire ring that features one large diamond in a classic cut like emerald or oval.

Single-stone rings will always be in style and are perfect for the bride who favors a more traditional look.

2. Independent Jewelry Designers

Harry Winston who? Many people are ditching big-name jewelry stores in favor of small, independently-owned jewelers.

Lana Condor, who got engaged to her fiance Anthony De La Torre in January, chose to go with Paris Jewellers, which is owned by two Vietnamese sisters. Lana opted for a solitaire, oval-cut diamond ring. The piece was custom designed with the help of her fiance Anthony.

3. Hexagonal Cuts


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While some, like Lana, are opting for the classics, others are going in a different direction: hexagonal cuts! Hexagonal-cut rings have blown up this year with many choosing the unique shape.

Other unique cuts that are starting to show up include the tapered baguette.

4. Bridal Stacks


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What’s better than one ring? Two! Some are mixing traditional with modern by pairing a diamond ring with a second ring. Bridal stacks are a great way to completely customize your jewelry. You can opt for diamonds-on-diamonds with a bridal stack composed of a classic-cut diamond ring paired with a second ring comprised of a v-shaped pave band. Others are choosing a more classic look with a solitaire diamond ring paired with a second ring that’s simply a gold band.

5. Dainty


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Let’s be honest: a big flashy diamond ring is just not for everyone. Instead, some brides-to-be are drawn toward dainty, feminine pieces. Many of these daintier rings feature three small stones. They’re perfect for the bride who loves to be unique and needs a ring to match.

Final Note

While looking at the latest engagement ring trends can certainly be inspiring, always remember that not every trend is going to appeal to everyone. What’s most important is that you choose a ring that’s right for you, whether it’s considered trendy or not. And, as we all know, trends always come back around. So if you’re ring isn’t in style this year, it might just be in style the next!


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