5 Fashion Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2023

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Some are already on the streets, and others are already beginning to be sensed and will have their explosion in the coming months. If you want to be fashionable, we give you a preview of the big clothing trends that will triumph in 2023. Take note!

2023 is officially here, allowing us to discover the trends that will reign in all areas of the coming year. At this point, and with the big fashion shows already past, many of the trends to come can already be seen on the streets, while others are just beginning to be intuited.

To help us have a clearer idea of what will come in 2023, Pinterest has prepared its Pinterest Predicts report, in which it predicts what next year’s trends will be based on the searches that users have made the most (analyzing in this case, the data from September 2020 to September 2022) and this is worth believing since the service is already used by almost every essays writer, journalist and even blogger.

Among all the areas that appear in the trend report today, we are going to focus on one that could be said to be the main one in terms of what is being worn and what is not: fashion. Clothing is what we look at the most from a season, so today, we’re going to look at what styles we’ll see in 2023.

Pinterest has spotted four big fashion trends or styles that will be trending next year based on user searches, but we’ve added a fifth one that appeared after the report was published and promises to be one of the most powerful. Check them out below.

1. Lightweight Fashion

fashion trends 2023 tulle ethereal
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One of the big trends we will see is a return to garments full of lace, tulle, ruffles, and sparkles. These elements have never completely disappeared, but next year they will come stomping in.

They are ethereal details that give a look a softer, almost angelic touch and that you can adapt to your tastes without problems. In fact, the searches that skyrocketed the most on Pinterest related to this were:

• Sparkly dress: +365%.
• Long sleeve lace blouse: +225%.
• Tulle sleeves: +65%
• Men’s ruffle shirt: +95%.
• Sheer pants: +70%

2. The Bangs

biggest fashion trends 2023 fringe
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This year we have already started to see many items of clothing and, especially accessories, full of bangs and feathers, especially in these last months of the year with the festive garments.

However, everything points to the fact that the big explosion will come next year, driven especially by the X and millennial generations, which popularize all kinds of garments again with these hanging details. The most triggered searches have been:

• Fringed dress: +255%.
• Fringed jacket: +60%.
• Dress with bangs and beads: +75%.
• Fringed wedding dress: +45%.
• Black mini skirt with bangs: +155%.

3. Gothic Aesthetic

goth fashion trend 2023
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The Pinterest report has not captured this trend, as its explosion occurred in the last months of the year. While gothic and grunge styles had already been more prominent in recent years than normal, they had never been anything like what’s coming from 2023.

The culprit? Wednesday Addams and her Netflix series, which since it premiered in November of this year, hasn’t stopped sweeping the nation. Her dancing has gone viral, braided hairstyles are already popular, and we are already starting to see black dresses with white lapels in major stores.

Undoubtedly, in the first months of 2023, the gothic style will return to the streets thanks to Wednesday’s influence, although we are clear that it is not what she would like to see.

4. Romcom Aesthetic

fashion trends 2023
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Are you familiar with the romantic comedies so popular from the 2000s onwards? Well, that’s the style that’s making a comeback. We already started to see many details with the advent of the Y2K style, but now the romcom aesthetic includes many more possibilities.

In fact, the Z and millennial generations idealize sequined dresses, cargo pants, and pink miniskirts inspired by the series and movies of the 2000s. And this inspiration is wide-ranging, from Rachel from Friends to Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana to the classic Mean Girls.

The searches that have skyrocketed the most on Pinterest have been:

• 2000s girl: +235%.
• Cool girl look: +140%.
• Pink mini skirt outfit: +145%.
• Rhinestone dress: +90%
• Vintage summer clothes from the ’90s: +150%.

5. Sci-Fi Fashion

fashion trends 2023
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Years ago, this trend was already seen, and it will not be less in the next one. Fashion will be light years ahead. Generation Z and millennials will opt for futuristic, cyber-inspired outfits, galactic glasses, and more avant-garde designs.

And something that comes with a lot of force is the female gamer style, which shows the great influence among young people in the world of streaming. The top searches on Pinterest for this aesthetic were:

• Gamer girl style: +3370%.
• Dystopian fashion: +215%
• Avant-garde clothing: +225%
• Cyber casual clothing: +70%
• Futuristic eyewear: +70%

You already know the main fashion trends that will triumph in 2023, but if you want to wear a total look with many up-to-date styles, we recommend you also discover what will be the trending haircuts of 2023. Get ready to change your look!