5 Jobs That Pay More Than You Think

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credit: Sora Shimazaki

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Finding a job that is both enjoyable and pays a decent salary is a common desire for many people. For those looking for higher pay, finding a job that pays well can be difficult. Often high-paying jobs require a degree or specialized skills. However, several opportunities out there pay more than you think.

This blog post will look at six rewarding careers that don’t require a degree or long-term experience but offer attractive paychecks. From technology jobs to hospitality careers, there are plenty of paths to explore if you’re looking for a job with high pay. Ever wondered how much do traveling nurses make an hour? Read on:

1. Personal Financial Advisor

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We all need a financial advisor to achieve our desired goals and plans for the future. Personal financial advisors are professionals who assist individuals and businesses in making smart decisions about their finances. They evaluate their client’s goals and resources, suggest investments, and help them with retirement plans.

While you may think of financial advisors as the exclusive domain of the wealthy, anyone can benefit from their expertise. On top of that, financial advisors are well-compensated for their services, making it one of the jobs that pay more. With the right credentials and experience, you could make over six figures as a financial advisor.

2. Software Developer

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In the rise of the digital era, the demand for IT jobs has rapidly increased. One of the most in-demand careers today is a software developer. This job involves designing and creating computer programs, applications, and systems.

Software developers must be up-to-date on the latest technology trends and deeply understand coding languages. With the right skills, a software developer can make a good salary and enjoy a rewarding career.

3. Air Traffic Controller

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Have you ever dreamt of being a part of the aviation industry? Then this is the best match for you. Air Traffic Controllers are responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers and crew on aircraft. They direct and control the movement of aircraft while they are in the air and on the ground. Air traffic controllers typically make between $122,990 and $176,540 per year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is considerably more than the average salary of $41,979 per year. Air traffic controllers also receive health insurance and paid vacation benefits. With the growing demand for air travel, this profession is expected to grow by 5% over the next decade.

4. Data Scientist

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Due to the intersection of technology and business, data scientists are the most valuable asset to any organization. They are in high demand due to the explosion of data and the need to make sense of it. Companies are willing to pay top dollar for experienced data scientists who can help them make better decisions and optimize their operations.

Data science roles come with generous salaries, excellent job security, and career growth opportunities. With the right mix of skills and experience, data scientists can command salaries in the six figures.

5. Traveling Nurse

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credit: Cedric Fauntleroy

Building a career as a traveling nurse can be a rewarding career path. They can make a great living, as they get paid a premium for living in a different place and caring for patients in various settings. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are scouring the country for qualified nurses to help provide care in rural and understaffed areas.

How much do traveling nurses make an hour? Traveling nurses can expect handsome rewards for their hard work, with pay packages that include a base salary, housing allowance, and other benefits. With the demand for nurses rising, there’s never been a better time to become a traveling nurse.


Plenty of unexpected jobs can pay you much more than you expect. Of course, it’s important to research the job and the salary expectations thoroughly before taking anything into consideration. The world of work is full of surprises, and these six jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. With the right research and preparation, you can find a job that pays more than you imagined.