5 Reasons Why I'm Voting for Cynthia Nixon (And You Should Too)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been in office since 2011 and so far, people are not impressed. And Cynthia Nixon is ready to do something about it.

Cynthia is taking on Andrew and I, for one, am totally on board.

Don’t get me wrong — at first, I paid her no attention. I’m so over celebrities running for office.

But Cynthia isn’t just some celebrity. And after learning more about her platform and seeing her in action, I’m ready to cast my vote for her in the Democratic primary on September 13 and here’s why.

5. She’s Ready to Fight For Our Rights (Everyone’s Rights)

Cynthia has already made her opinions clear on several issues, including LGBTQ rights, reproductive justice, disability rights, immigrant rights and more. She’s all about making sure that everyone is treated fairly and with equality.

She wants to make New York a true sanctuary state for immigrants, give disabled individuals more access to affordable housing, and ensure that every woman has abortion rights in NY state, regardless of what happens to Roe v. Wade.

cynthia nixon disability rights
Cynthia Nixon/ Instagram
4. She Has an Amazing Energy

While Cuomo has pretty much done nothing this whole campaign season, Cynthia Nixon has been working her butt off. She’s excited about politics (as opposed to the many the jaded career politicians currently in office) and has made a point of traveling to all parts of the state to meet with people of all faiths and cultures.

She’s also taken an active interest in fixing the subway system (a top issue for almost everyone who lives in the city), even laying out an entire plan to get more funding. It wasn’t until Nixon discussed her plan that Cuomo even bothered commented on fixing the subway. How lame!

3. She Really Knows What She’s Talking About

You may think she’s “just some celebrity” but the truth is that she’s been politically active most of her life and really knows her stuff. She was even arrested 15 years ago for protesting huge education cuts in New York.

If you’ve read even a single interview with her (and you really should), then it’s clear that she has concrete views on all the issues and truly understands how to make a change.

cynthia nixon immigrant rights

2. She’s Taking on the Inequality of Public Schools

Equal access to education is something that is personally very important to me so when I saw Cynthia’s campaign called #ShcoolsNotJails, I was immediately interested.

In essence, Cynthia wants to address the severe inequality in school funding. She’s already proposed an increase in educational spending (money that would come from more taxes on the 1%) in an attempt to close the gap. According to her website, New York

“Currently has the second highest inequality in funding between rich and poor school districts in the nation, a gap that has grown by 24 percent under Andrew Cuomo.”

Cynthia also wants to “decriminalize” schools in communities of colors by banning metal detectors and lowering suspension rates (they’re disproportionally high for POC).

cynthia nixon platform

1. She’s Fresh Blood

If the last year has proved anything, it’s that we seriously need some fresh ideas up in here. Since Trump was elected, it’s mostly been the actions of citizens, students, and other grassroots movements that have made the most noise, not politicians. It feels like we need someone with a new energy and fresh ideas to step up and start making a change in New York. And I think Cynthia Nixon could be the one to do that.

To learn more about Cynthia Nixon and her views on the issues, head to her website here.

The Democratic primaries in New York state will be held on September 13, 2018.


NY Gov. Candidate Cynthia Nixon Is Ready to Fix Everything You Hate About the Subway

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