5 Things To Keep In Mind When Posting On Social Media

social media content strategy tips
credit: Georgia de Lotz

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With the advancement of the digital age, social media has taken up a paramount place in our lives. Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are equally involved and invested. However, making your posts well-designed and visually appealing is tricky business. You can take advantage of multiple editing apps like Vista Create or a photo size changer to optimize the quality of your content to a considerable extent. These helpful tools have the potential to be game-changers.

Don’t worry, as we have specifically designed some pro tips that will help you produce great social media content and gain viewership among the masses.

1. Strategize Your Posts

social media strategies
credit: Georgia de Lotz

When making a social media post, you need to carefully strategize and put perspectives in order. Remember that nothing goes unnoticed online.

Firstly, you need to set yourself a goal that needs to be achieved through your post. You have to enlist all the desired outcomes so that you can keep them in focus while building your content. Ask yourself who your target audience is, what you are trying to convey through your post, whether this post will increase traffic, and more.

Once you’ve completed the foundation, building a structure gets easier. You cannot take social media lightly if you want to increase your viewership or make an impact. Leaving your posts to design near the deadline is a no-go. You have to prepare your content beforehand so that you can schedule it and remain consistent. When you lose consistency, you lose followers. You can even create calendars to visualize your content and minimize last-minute edits. This will help you stay on track and keep your tasks in check.

2. Keep Your Content The Right Size

social media content strategy
credit: Eaters Collective

Each social media platform recommends a specific dimension for posting your content. This is an extremely important element to keep in mind. A poorly cropped piece of content is what completely throws off a quality social media composition.

You can either set the specific dimensions on your camera settings while taking a photo, or you can use a photo size changer tool, which offers multiple dimensions to adjust images according to the standards of each platform.

Some of the most common ones are listed below:


Standard Post – 1080×1080 pixels (1:1 ratio)
Tall Image – 1080×1350 pixels


Cover Image 1500×500 pixels (3:1 ratio)
Tweeted Image 1200×675 pixels (16:9)


Cover Image – 851×315 pixels
Timeline Image – 1200×630 pixels (1:91:1 ratio)

If you keep charts or templates according to these dimensions, you can edit and personalize your posts within boundaries and will not have to crop out your creativity later.

3. Choose the Correct Colors

social media strategy
credit: cottonbro studios

Yep, you read that right! Colors play a crucial role in branding your account and product. If you want your social media account to stand out, then a well-thought-out color scheme is all you need.

The use of color is a simple yet effective way to attract users and increase sales. They are useful for creating the ideal ambiance and defining the voice of your brand. Having them by your side can help you advocate for your beliefs.

If your brand possesses a more fun, quirky vibe, then you can make use of bright, vibrant colors on your feed to attract the right tribe. Whereas if your brand is more trustworthy and mature, you can use more settled tones. They can be deep and calm.

4. Follow The Golden Ratio

social media content strategy tips
credit: cottonbro studios

The golden ratio is where math meets beauty. It is an irrational number (1+5–√)/2 or 1.618, defined as when a line is divided into two unequal lengths and the sum of the longer part plus the shorter part divided by the shorter part equals 1.618.

This concept creates the perfect balance and visual appeal in formatting. When creating or selecting an interesting image, proportions and scales are crucial. You need to arrange your subject in a way that complies with the golden spiral, i.e., the focal point of the image should be in the spiral’s curve.

To do this, you can opt for a “phi grid.” A phi grid divides a golden rectangle and its overlaying golden spiral into nine parts. This grid will assist you with the composition of your content.

5. Use Design Templates

social media content strategy
credit: Ron Lach

Social media design templates are truly a savior for influencers and brands. For every instance where you are facing a time crunch or a designer blockage, you can easily make use of all the widely available design templates on the internet.

They can easily boost your content and keep it all organized. Instead of having different components scattered all over the internet, you can have everything all in one place by simply opting for a design template.


With increasing popularity, making a place for yourself on social media becomes trickier every day. But by keeping your ideas and design in check, you can still manage to make an impression. You need to keep all components, including dimensions, color, contrast, and composition, in proper proportions. Rest assured, the key is to be authentic and truly personalize your content!