5 TV Teachers We Wish We Had in College

best tv teachers

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A great professor can also become a special educator for students in real life, owing to their diverse exposure and experiences. Such a person goes beyond classroom interaction and socializes with their learners from time to time.

Some of the popular TV teachers and professors are so influential that students wish they could have them around for some real-life lessons. They are competent and have a sense of humor to engage with “off-class” interactions. Let’s look at the five most popular TV teachers and professors students wish they could have.

1. Dorothy Zbornak

Beatrice Arthur acts as Dorothy Zbornak in Golden Girls. She took her career in history and English seriously, valued education, and in the end, became successful. Her financial necessity and love for her career made her even teach a night class. Golden Girls is one of the best TV shows for students because it can inspire them to have a positive attitude towards their work.

Dorothy could be relevant in the lives of college students today because she could teach them how to use different approaches to solve problems. She could also teach them to love what they do in both class and at home. This would be easier in some cases than others; someone studying to improve their nursing career through online FNP programs will have a calling and a need to help others, meaning they already love what they do. Other courses might be different.

2. Mr. Feeny

William Daniels, one of the most recognized TV series actors, plays different roles in Boy Meets World. He wears various hats throughout the series, including a college professor, a high school principal, a grade-school teacher, and a neighbor.

His key role is to mentor Cory along with his friends by teaching them both academic and non-academic lessons. Mr. Feeny teaches them about good acts, being kind, and how to live their dreams. He influences Cory during his earlier years until he becomes a history professor.

College students should be taught about different values that can make them influential in society. If Mr. Feeny was in college, he would teach students things such as kindness and goodness, and they would grow to be better members of society.

3. Ted Mosby

Josh Radnor played Ted Mosby in the TV show How I Met Your Mother. He is a teacher in architecture, but his career in that area fails to take off. On the first day in class, he gets nervous and accidentally goes to the wrong room.

Even if he is embarrassed, he recognizes teaching as his calling, so he later becomes successful in his career. If Ted Mosby was in college, he would teach students to be determined as they pursue their courses. He would also teach students that mistakes happen while doing assignments and essays but persistence is important to reach the stage of excellence.

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4. Dick Solomon

Playing the role of Dick Solomon in 3rd Rock From the Sun, John Lithgow is a professor of physics at Pendleton University. He is intelligent and smart and is able to progress well.

However, he is also air-headed, something that makes him incompetent. In his efforts to study humans, his team disrespects him. But the students continue to support him, no matter his weaknesses. Students wish they could have Dick Solomon because they can learn about the benefits of being resilient despite criticisms from opponents.

5. Marla Hendricks

Loretta Devine acted as Marla Hendricks in Boston Public and is outspoken and passionate, although sometimes she fails to control her talking. The social studies teacher inspires and loves her students, although she sometimes gets overly opinionated and emotional.

Marla Hendricks’ character is what hinders her career growth, but she is determined to keep speaking out for her co-workers and kids. Today, college students can pick lessons about seeking help whenever in need instead of holding on to problems.


College students wish that they had the above TV professors to teach them more about real life. Success as a student is holistic, covering both the academic part and the social well-being. The professors have profound knowledge in their careers and can relate well with people, thus making them better people in society. As educators, they can complement the role of parents to teach students how to mentor others as well.