5 Affordable Jewelry Brands We're Currently Obsessed With

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We get it. It can be hard to find quality jewelry when you’re working with a limited budget.

Sure, you can find some super cute affordable dupes on places like Amazon, but they usually don’t last particularly long. Clasps break, varnishes wear off, and stones fall out.

So, if you’re ready to step up your jewelry game, we’ve got you covered.

We found five really great independently-owned jewelry brands that are both beautiful and affordable.

Whether you’re looking for something classic, whimsical, or statement-making, you’re sure to find the perfect piece below — and for less than $100!

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1. Linjer

If you’re looking for fine jewelry with a sustainable twist, Linjer should definitely be your go-to. Started by a husband and wife team, Linjer uses recycled gold and silver, ethically-sourced gemstones, and lab-grown diamonds.

Linjer has a ton of really beautiful pieces perfect for both everyday and special occasions. And the prices couldn’t be better: there is a huge selection of rings under $70 and earrings and necklaces under $100.

Two of our personal favorites? The Moonstone Ring ($52) and the Pearl Huggie Hoops ($67)

You can shop Linjer on their website here.

2. UNOde50

affordable unique jewelry
Courtesy UNOde50

Based in Spain, all UNOde50 pieces are handcrafted to ensure each one is unique. The brand takes inspiration in everyday items like buttons, nails, padlocks, and more to create beautiful and whimsical jewelry.

The Needle and Button Earrings ($88) and the Double Trouble Button Drop Earrings ($75) are particular standouts.

Despite being a part of the slow fashion movement — which can often lead to higher prices — you can find plenty of earrings and bracelets for less than $100.

UNOde50 is sold on Amazon and on the brand’s website.

3. Mahnal


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With all of the jewelry created in brass, Mahnal takes inspiration from Islamic art, nature, texture, architecture, and more.

Mahnal’s pieces use fluid shapes to create eye-catching yet classic jewelry like their Batina Earrings ($95) and Ola Bangle ($90).

Prices start at $85 for earrings, $75 for bracelets, $55 for rings, and $85 for necklaces.

You can shop Mahnal jewelry on their website here.

4. Jenny Bird

affordable gold jewelry
Courtesy Jenny Bird

Started by self-taught jewelry designer Jenny Bird, the eponymous brand has quickly become a celebrity favorite — and for good reason. The brand’s pieces often start with sleek silhouettes before adding a fun twist.

Jenny Bird’s Fall 2023 collection is all about statement-making spheres and baubles. Our favorites include the Celeste Earrings ($98) and the Pia Bracelet ($98).

You can shop Jenny Bird on Revolve, Nordstrom, and the Jenny Bird website.

5. Yam


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NYC-based brand Yam creates fun, playful jewelry that often incorporates beads, charms, and pearls. Some of the cutest pieces from the brand include the Little Luck Stud Earrings ($68) and the Maddy Hoop Earrings ($58).

Prices are super affordable with plenty of pieces available for less than $80.

You can shop Yam on their website here.


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