haim documentary
source: Instagram

Apple Music is apparently continuing their new tradition of music documentaries with HAIM as the sisters are set to release a “Behind the Album” film in conjunction with Something to Tell You.

The film will feature behind-the-scenes footage of HAIM at their London performance from May and will follow their songwriting process for the new album.

In the trailer, the sisters explain,

“When we write songs, it’s very much a democracy and we all contribute to it. We’ve spent the last two and a half years working every day on these songs.”

The girls then take to London to perform some new songs. The group considers London the birthplace of the group. And as Danielle said,

“People have such an open mind here about new music, and a thirst for new music, I kind of can’t imagine doing it anywhere else.”

HAIM has already released three singles from the new album: “Right Now,” “Little of Your Love,” and “Want You Back.”

Their documentary will most likely be in the same style as the one Apple Music did for Harry Styles and his album release back in May.

HAIM’s album drops July 7 and the documentary will be available July 14. For now, check out the trailer below.

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