6 Comforting Animated TV Shows to Watch Right Now

best most comforting animated tv shows

With everything in chaos, we could all use a little comfort right now.

We’ve already compiled a list of girl power TV shows to binge, but if animated shows are more your speed, then we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks that will make you forget that the world is essentially ending.

1. Bob’s Burgers

bobs burgers review

First on the list is my #1 go-to aka Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are seriously missing out. The show is not only hilarious but spending time with the Belcher family will make you feel like you’ve got

Even better? The show is full of LGBTQ representation and gender-bending characters. You can watch Bob’s Burgers on Hulu

2. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

she-ra and the princesses of power

When She-Ra first premiered, I was seriously struggling with some mental health issues. But She-Ra somehow made me forget about all the crap that was going on in my life. Plus, the show is all about girl power and filled with not-so-subtle lesbian vibes. You can watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix.

3. Hilda

hilda netflix review

Hilda might be one of the most underrated animated shows on Netflix. Technically a show for children, Hilda is filled with wonderful characters and beautiful animations. It’s definitely a must-watch, especially before bedtime. You can watch Hilda on Netflix.

4. Tuca & Bertie

tuca & bertie netflix

From the creators of BoJack Horseman, Tuca & Bertie only has one season (Netflix totally gave them a raw deal) but it’s definitely worth the watch. And unlike BoJack, Tuca & Bertie isn’t nearly as depressing. Add it to your watch list ASAP. You can watch Tuca & Bertie on Netflix.

5. Adventure Time

adventure time

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Adventure Time on this list. Although I never personally could get into the show, literally everyone I know was obsessed with it. The episodes are only 11 minutes long, which means you can binge it pretty easily. I’ve also heard Adventure Time is even better with, ahem, a little herb. You can watch Adventure Time on Hulu.

6. Steven Universe

steven universe

Steven Universe is the feminist animated show that we’ve all been waiting for. Stacked with queer badass heroes and fun plotlines, it’s an easy show to fall into and let yourself forget about the troubles of the world. You can watch Steven Universe on Hulu.


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