6 Short Curly Haircuts Women Could Rock in 2022

short curly haircuts

If there’s one thing any modern-day Rapunzel can relate to, it’s the war with tangles and knots. Now close your eyes and try to picture Rapunzel with curls. I know what you’re thinking. That image reeks of more tangles and knots.

Granted, long hair is beautiful, but who says short curly hair can’t look just as good on women? It’s also no secret that short hair is way more practical than long hair in terms of maintenance.

So here you are trying to give short hair a chance but don’t quite know what to try out. Well, I have put together a few haircut suggestions to give you a push in the right direction.

1. Curly Taper Fade

short curly haircuts for women

With this style, length is maintained at the top of the head. You can style your curls however you choose to with the help of the right styling products. As for the hair at the sides and back, there is a progression with how the hair is cut. The hair grows shorter and shorter as you move downwards until it “fades” into a point where there is no hair.

The taper fade style has many variations. For some inspiration, you could check out this WiseBarber taper fade post.

2. Mohawk-inspired Haircut

short curly haircuts for women

The Mohawk haircut in its true glory is characterized by shaved sides and an eye-catching stretch of hair in the center. Since that would be too dramatic for most people, the focus will be on a mohawk-inspired haircut.

Instead of shaving the sides off completely, a soft taper would suffice. Then you could add more volume to the hair at the center. With curls, this style pops. You could even spice things up with curly bangs.

3. Buzz Cut

short curly haircuts for women

If you’re opting for short hair because you want something low-maintenance, you can’t go wrong with a buzz cut. The style requires next to nothing in terms of maintenance. With this haircut, the hair length is equally short all over. It looks even better when you have tighter curls. Also, you could add some character to it by dyeing it a different color.

4. Curly Pixie Cut

short curly haircuts for women

The pixie cut is a popular style among women where the hair is cut close to the head. The hair is cut short in layers which create a stylishly disheveled look. With its many variations, the pixie haircut is known for its versatility since it can be adapted easily to any face shape.

Your hairstylist would know how best to cut the layers based on your curl pattern. All you have to do to make this haircut pop is to ensure your curls don’t get frizzy and dry.

5. Short ‘Fro Cut

short curly haircuts for women

Particularly lovely on tighter curls, this hairstyle is an overgrown buzz cut. However, your stylist might adjust the hair length at the back and sides depending on your face shape.

Altogether, this style is relatively easy to maintain after shaping it up. Apart from the usual demands of textured hair, all you need is a ‘fro pick to fluff your curls out, and you’re good to go.


My little list is not in any way exhaustive. There are many more styles out there for you to try out. Regardless, I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from here.

Finally, don’t forget to invest in curly haircare products that cater to your hair needs. Contrary to what you might think, maintaining healthy hair is not just synonymous with long hair. Even with short hair, health is essential.