6 Tips For Students Writing Essays About Fashion

fashion essay writing tips
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Writing fashion essays is a task that you might face in any college course.

Of course, if you’re a fashion school student, you will have to write essays — it’s a mandatory assignment. The grades you receive for essay writing tasks also contribute to the final score and can improve or weaken your positions.

On the other hand, you may meet fashion-related topics while studying history, sociology, literature, and many other subjects. It’s well-known to specialists in essaywritinghelp who often research them for their work. For example, how did the invention of synthetic fibers influence the world, including fashion tendencies? You may get the chance to learn about it when you get an essay assignment for this topic.

Therefore, you may face fashion essay assignments during all courses, which is great. Fashion and style are subjects that interest most students. Fashion is an integral part of our lives, a means of self-expression, and self-representation. It has a tremendous impact on society, and it can become your profession or favored hobby.

You can’t afford to treat such a task light-mindedly. It requires time and focusing on the target. Even authors from the best essay writing service US will confirm that every essay assignment can be very complicated, especially for students who don’t possess the competencies of professional writers.

This article aims to help students write essays about fashion. Let’s start!

1. Choose a Topic

how to write a fashion essays
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The right topic plays a significant part in the overall success. In some cases, students get tasks with topics already specified. But often, they can have more freedom of choice.

The task requirements may set a broader theme and let you pick a narrower topic. If you refer to college essay writing help specialists, they can recommend the specific interpretation of the topic or even offer to change it (if it is allowed) to a more winning variant.

In any case, the topic should match the following criteria:

• Match the task requirements. If your essay should be about the fashion of the 19th century, you may focus on specific trends, the legacy of famous designers, or the style favored in a particular region. But you must not write about the fashion of the 18th century or 20th century.

• Be interesting to you. You will need to research many sources, watch videos, read articles, and fashion blogs. Most likely, not all the information you’ll gather will be in your essay. If you like the topic you research – you won’t feel you’re wasting your time.

• Be feasible. Having enough trusted sources is necessary. They allow you to examine the topic in-depth and build a solid background for the essay. If you can’t find reliable references, it is better to avoid that topic for now.

If you’re struggling to pick a topic, you can always get advice from professionals like those at EssayPro, who can help provide guidance.

When you decide what you will write about and collect the material for analysis, you are ready to move to the next stage.

2. Consult a Number of Sources

tips for writing fashion essays
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Fashion as an industry offers plenty of dedicated resources. There are academic works, personal columns and blogs dedicated to fashion, and lots of related resources that highlight specific points.

Fashion is tightly connected to individuality and self-expression as well as to other important social concepts. You should get familiar with many voices and develop your own point of view on the subject. It is possible only when you have the appropriate knowledge.

It is helpful to have a look at other fashion essays. Every paper essay format is a source of information, so you can learn about other authors’ opinions. Further, you may either use them to support your ideas or oppose them.

3. Provide an Original Interpretation

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If you are preparing your essay as a homework assignment in college, the audience will be your teachers. They will evaluate your work according to the standard criteria — matching the task requirements, topic exposition, grammar, and writing style.

However, any professor has read hundreds if not thousands of such essays. They will recognize clichés and standard “safe” statements and arguments which won’t help you leave an impression.

Originality is the key. It does not mean passing the anti-plagiarism check in this case. We are talking about your vision and interpretation of the topic. The fashion industry is a perfect field for experiments, original ideas, and a new look at well-known statements. But you have to prove your point of view with weighty arguments too.

4. Pay Special Attention to the Essay Structure

fashion school essay tips
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An essay is a type of assignment that suggests a strict structure. First of all, check the assignment instructions and make sure you understand them correctly. They should include the requirements for the essay structure — the size, the number of paragraphs, etc.

Implement the three-part structure: your essay must have an Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. The Introduction has “a hook” to attract the readers, it presents your thesis statement, and explains why your essay deserves the audience’s attention. In the Body part, you expose your findings and prove your opinion with logical arguments and references to authoritative sources. The Conclusion summarizes your statements.

The best way to ensure the right structure is to outline the essay before writing. A precise and detailed outline is a sketch where you can find the right place for every statement, phrase, argument, reference, and transition. When you complete the outline, you have the “image” of the future essay in your mind and only need to transfer it to the written format.

5. Be Clear, Simple, and Concise

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It is similar to fashion – there is no sin worse than banality. It includes both your ideas and the writing style. No matter which topic you have, prove your attitude and expertise.

If you are talking about the history of fashion, name important events and personalities. Explain how they contributed to the style development. If you are writing about fashion in movies or tv shows, mention titles and names, and clarify their contribution. It is not enough to mention the serial Euphoria as the representation, appeal to facts and explain how the fashion trends described in the show support your ideas.

The crucial role belongs to the language. Be concrete and authoritative, demonstrate your expertise, but avoid using too specialized terms or jargon. Avoid general banal words either as they make the entire essay vague and bleak. Find terms with precise meanings that deliver your point of view in the best way.

Simplicity is an advantage when it is the smart simplicity of famous fashion designers. That simplicity improves your pluses.

6. Don’t Forget a Single Details

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In fashion, every detail is valued. When it comes to custom writing, the approach is the same — polish every detail. Proofread the essay and make sure to track and fix all errors. Check the spelling of all names and titles, and verify the dates. Read your text aloud to define how perceptible it is for the audience and if it has awkward constructions.

Pay all attention to the references. Make sure to mark every case when you appeal to authorities. The absence of marked references may cause you serious problems.

Format your essay and the list of references in the required academic style. Here, you may use the services of professional writing assistants. The cheapest essay writing service offers help with writing, planning, editing, and formatting, and all such services in a package.

Fashion is about individual looks and approaches. This essay is also a representation of your personality. Every professor values those students who can make a statement about the topic and offer their unique vision and understanding.


Writing a fashion essay can be, for a change, not another tedious task. It is a topic that might engage you and motivate you to dive deeper, find interesting information, and share it with your audience. Learning how to write essays about fashion now will equip you with the skills necessary in the future.