‘PLL’ Troian Bellisario to Fans Angry Over A.D. Reveal: “Be Grateful, Bitches”

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Pretty Little Liars has officially ended after seven long seasons. And with A.D.’s identity revealed, fans have a lot of feelings.

If you have not watched the PLL finale, STOP NOW! Spoilers ahead.

So by now, you know that fans totally guess it: Twincster lives! Not only was Spencer’s twin very, very real, but she was also A.D.

Not all fans were happy about the big reveal. In fact, a lot of fans were pissed AF. (Don’t believe us, just go on Twitter or the PLL subreddit). But Troian Bellisario has a message for fans: be grateful, bitches.

Speaking with Vulture, she said she knew she couldn’t please everyone.

“It’s really unfortunate. Every other reveal in this show, you could like it or not like it, but you always knew that we had more episodes ahead. When it was Mona, you could be like, “Uh, I didn’t want it to be Mona,” but you knew there would be a continued story line afterward. With Charlotte and Charles, you could like it or not like it, but you knew the show was continuing. I think it was really tough for people to swallow because they knew this was the last episode ever, so if they didn’t get everything they wanted out of that story, they’re going to be upset. I totally understand that.”

So here’s her message to angry fans:

“The thing I want to say to those people is: I think the show was supposed to end in year six with Charlotte revealed as “A.” When we decided to continue working on it and decided to create a new character, it’s a genesis story. It’s going to be a genesis story because somebody had to pick up the lead from Charlotte. I don’t know what to say other than I’m sorry. I’m literally trying not to go on social media because I know that people are going to be brutal.

I know that the show means a lot to people and they’re going to be passionate either way. I would also say to look at all of the other things that you got. You got your Ezra wedding. You got Haleb. You got Emison. You got Spoby, even. The writers broke their backs to make sure that they gave so much to the fans. Even the last good-bye scene and all of these little nods were in the finale, because I know Marlene poured her blood, sweat, and tears into making sure she gave the fans a really beautiful love letter.

I guess what I’m getting around to is: If people are dissatisfied with the creation of a new character, look at all of these other awesome things that you got. I’m not trying to be like, “Be grateful,” but there’s so much beauty in this show. To focus on that small little thing, is that really what you’re going to remember? Or are you going to remember seven years with these characters that you loved that you got to say goodbye to in a really beautiful way?”

Got it? Good.

As for Bellisario, she’s happy about the finale, especially that Spencer and Toby end up together.

“They’re obviously my favorite couple. Keegan [Allen] and I were joking about how the finale is the literal embodiment of that line in that Drake and Rihanna song: ‘If you had a twin, I would still choose you.’ We were obsessive. It’s true love because even though she had a twin, he still chose her.”

PLL Endgame over and out.

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