Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Was Exactly What This Country Needed

gal gadot wonder woman
source: Instagram

Wonder Woman is on its way to becoming the top-grossing movie from a female director ever and Gal Gadot knows why.

Speaking with W magazine, Gadot clarified precisely why she thinks Wonder Woman resonated with so many people right now.

“Trump or no Trump, Wonder Woman stands for beauty, truth, love, and goodness. She understands that finding the truth is complicated, but she will always be kind. There’s something very reassuring about that, especially now.”

We couldn’t agree more! Wonder Woman has given women and feminists everywhere something to celebrate, and little girls something to look up to.

The web originally criticized the casting of Gal as Wonder Woman because they felt her breasts were too small — ridiculous reasoning, if you ask us. But once the film came out, fans and critics alike praised Gal for her amazing performance. Not to mention she was 6-months pregnant during parts of filming and still managed to look like a badass.

Wonder Woman has already made more than $620 million worldwide and some predict that it will even overtake Frozen‘s 2013 ticket sales.

Wonder Woman 2 is supposedly already in the works with director Patty Jenkins back at the helm, of course.

Gadot is originally from Israel and even won Miss Israel back in 2004.

Lena Finkel
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