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Not only does Ashley Benson have a signature style as Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars, but she’s also cultivated her own rock-and-roll street style in real life as well.

So what is this cool-vibes rocker chick wearing for summer? Benson said,

“I’m very plain with how I dress—I’m always in Levi’s, a dark T-shirt, a big coat, or a leather jacket. I go more out there when it comes to accessories; it’s really about whatever I’m drawn to at the moment. I love small bags and pieces that are funky yet sophisticated.”

She also loves mixing up her hair color and has been blonde, brunette, and even pink!

And now she’s bringing her fashionista eye to a new affordable sunglasses line with Prive Revaux. The PLL star said,

“Personally, I don’t want to have to spend 600 dollars to get a great pair of sunglasses. My fans who can’t always buy designer can now get these glasses and afford them, which was important to me. If we can have something that they love and I love, then that’s the perfect thing.”

The line includes aviators, cat-eyes, and more, and all under $30.

“I love fashion and I love being involved in things like this. It’s been an incredible experience.”

Perhaps Ashley will take a cue from her PLL character Hanna and start her own line after the series ends!

In the meantime, check out our fave pairs from Ashley’s new collection. (P.S — They all have awesome names like “The Nasty Woman” and “The Entrepreneur.”). You can view the entire collection here.

The Heartbreaker
The Entrepreneur
The Marquis
The Nasty Woman
The Heroine
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