‘Riverdale’ New Reggie Charles Melton is Officially on Set!

riverdale new reggie
source: Twitter

The new Reggie is officially in the house!

Charles Melton has arrived on set and he is super pumped! The new Riverdale cast member tweeted out,

So cute! We also got to catch a glimpse of him behind-the-scenes when the showrunner shared a picture of him and Ashleigh Murray.

Murray previously revealed that her character Josie and Reggie will date season 2. We’re still not sure how we feel about this but we can’t deny the two look HOT together! She told E! Online,

“I justify it as it could be more of an elitist move as opposed to a move of the heart. “That’s what I think in my mind. It’s like if Josie’s going to walk the halls with somebody on her arm…Just like Veronica says, some arm candy’s great, and Reggie’s great arm candy.”

Riverdale recently recast Reggie after Ross Butler chose to leave in favor for 13 Reasons Why season 2, on which he has a considerably larger role. Melton is pretty much unknown except for a few episodes of Glee and American Horror Story. Oh yeah, and he’s also a super hot model.

The cast and crew recently returned to filming in order to begin season 2. They’ve been revealing drips and drops of what to expect from the new season, mainly that it’s going to be way darker.

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