7 Reasons to Add a Wine Tour to Your Bucket List

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There are so many things out there in the world worth trying at least once in a lifetime — from swimming with sharks to sleeping under the stars. But many of them are based on specific interests or preferences, so they might not suit everyone.

However, one thing combines two elements most people would definitely like — drinking wine and traveling around the world. It is called wine tourism or enotourism, and it’s gaining more and more popularity every day.

If you are not familiar with the term but a wine tour sounds like a perfect match for you, you’re in the right place to learn more about it. Below, you will find seven reasons to go on a wine tour at least once in your life. They include attending wine tastings, enjoying spectacular views, being away from tourist attractions and crowds, getting familiar with local cuisines and traditions, and many more. Read on and have fun!

Meeting People

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Wine is not only a great way to get in good spirits — it also keeps people entertained for hours and hours. The fact is, you can’t have a decent conversation without wine. You will have to find out for yourself whether you are that person who prefers red or white wine, but one thing is for sure — at the end of a great day of wine tasting, you should be willing to share your thoughts with other wine lovers.

As an alternative, you can join the Acker wine club or communities alike and meet like-minded people there. However, wine tours attract people from different parts of the world, making this community even more diverse and intriguing. Comparing cultures and traditions will be very interesting for you since we all know that people differ from one place to another. This way, you will find out more about the world, which is excellent if you want to expand your horizons and learn new things.

Enjoying the Outdoors

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If you love nature, you’ll definitely appreciate a wine tour. You will be able to travel around different places while enjoying some fantastic views and stunning landscapes.

For example, if you choose a Mediterranean wine tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see beautiful beaches, mountains, rivers, and more. On the other hand, while being on Argentina’s Ruta del Vino (wine route), you’ll be able to explore this South American country from lagoons in the West to the Atlantic coast to the East.

Learning About Local Produce

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While touring around and enjoying wine tastings, you will also have the chance to learn more about local produce. Many wine regions across the world are famous for grape varieties originated there as well as their regional cuisines, so you should definitely try them on your wine tour. It’s not only a great way to taste new foods but it’s also a way to connect with locals and their culture.

Connecting With Nature

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Who doesn’t like being outside? Well, most people do enjoy a great time in nature — as long as they don’t have to deal with bugs, heat, or rain. But if the weather is great and you can lay on the beach while drinking your favorite wine, what else can make it better? That’s why taking a wine tour is a great way to escape reality for a while and just relax in nature.

Learning History

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Did you know that wine has been produced for thousands of years? That’s right — ancient civilizations were already making wine when Europe was still raising cattle. So, if you choose a historic wine region as your destination, you will have the opportunity to visit many historical sites and learn more about this fine beverage.

It’s always great to have someone knowledgeable explain the process of making wine and show you how it was done in the past, so make sure to choose a tour with an experienced guide. And if you really want to get into the history of wine, you should definitely visit Tuscany or South Africa on your next trip.

Getting Away From Crowds and Tourist Traps

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Finally, one of the main reasons why many travelers prefer a wine tour over any other type of activity is getting away from crowds and tourist traps. As mentioned above, wine tastings are usually not crowded events. So, if you like your privacy and breathing space, you should go on this type of tour at least once in your life. It will make you feel like a local wherever you go — and that’s precisely what most travelers are looking for.

Having Fun

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Last but not least, wine tours are great because they are simply fun. Whether you go on a wine tour with your friends or family — or you have a personal wine guide to show you the best local wineries — you will enjoy yourself like never before.

So, if you feel that wine is an integral part of your life, you should definitely try tasting it in a different country and different region. Trust us, it’s way more fun than just drinking it at home!

Final Note

Now that you know why wine tours are a great way to spend time meeting new people, discover new cultures, or simply enjoy yourself, it’s time to look for your next trip! Whether it’s Europe, Australia, the USA, or South Africa that interest you, there are many wine regions around the world waiting for you!


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