7 Types of Gifts Every Fashionista Will Love

gift ideas for fashion girls

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Choosing great gifts isn’t always easy, even if you’re getting something for someone that you know well and love a lot.

It can get even harder when you’re shopping for someone with a strong, unique, and fashionable sense of style. But with these tips, you’ll be able to start moving in the right direction as you set out to choose and present the ultimate gift to the fashionista in your life.

1. Pieces That She Has Specifically Requested

gift ideas for fashionistas

While it might seem difficult to choose something for a fashionista at first, you can let her take the guesswork out of the process for you. Chances are that you’ve been around when she’s pointed to something (either in a store or on a screen) and commented on how lovely it is, or even how she’d like to have it. You can take these not-so-subtle hints as clear guidance for choosing a gift.

If she isn’t vocal about what she wants, you can take a peek at her social media and get an idea from the posts that she likes and the people or influencers that she follows. If you find that she seems to be into everything from understated but effective pieces in black or something flashier like pink gemstones, you can outright ask her opinion once you’ve narrowed the options down.

2. Pieces That Show Off Her Personality

gift ideas for fashionistas

Most fashionistas aren’t shy about making their personalities known through their outfits. You can help them express themselves if you consider who she is when you’re giving her something to add to her closet.

An easy place to start is from the most basic information about her. For example, you could get her something with the Gemini star sign or June birthstone if she’s born under those stars. Or, you can opt for things in her favorite colors, favorite animal, or favorite pop culture reference.

3. Accessories to Help Dress Up What She’s Already Wearing

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Buying something fashionable doesn’t have to mean buying an entirely new wardrobe. In fact, there are plenty of great accessories that you can give a fashionista to help her dress up her existing outfits.

This kind of gift is special since it gives the receiver a lot of freedom to be creative with the way the piece is worn. In many ways, this can make the gift a more effective contribution to your favorite fashionista’s wardrobe, and you can be sure that she’ll make great use of it.

4. Home Decorations that Match Her Style

fashion gift ideas

A fashionista’s reach extends far beyond just her outfits. Instead of gifting only clothing or accessories, you can also look into decorative items for her home or office. Of course, these items should also be in line with her general style. Her outfits don’t need to match the décor, but you can get a good idea of what kind of décor she’d appreciate by taking a close look at her clothing style.

5. Tools for Getting Beautiful

gifts for fashionistas

One great way to romance your friend with a gift, especially if she’s a fashionista, is to give her the tools that she needs to style around her trendy outfits. For example, she might need a new blow dryer or foundation brush. She’s sure to use these items on the daily, which makes them a useful, valuable, and highly appreciated gift for a fashionista.

6. Pieces That Remind You of Her

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Perhaps you have a fond memory or shared experience with this fashionista friend. Or perhaps you want to give her something that honors her culture. For example, someone with Irish ancestry might appreciate an Irish ring claddagh.

It helps to narrow down what kind of piece you’ll gift (like jewelry, a blouse, shoes, etc.) and then choose the style of that item based on the experiences and memories that you share together.

7. Versatile and Durable Pieces

gift ideas for fashionistas

The best kind of gift is the one that keeps on giving, which is why offering something classic, flexible, and long-lasting is a great way to go. If your friend is always in style, then you should try to find a gift that will stay in style for quite a while, too.