7 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Surely Melt Anyone's Heart

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credit: Inga Seliverstova

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Birthdays are the times when people want to enjoy themselves to their fullest and without any guilt. So, the day has to be as special as possible. Starting from arranging a birthday cake to throwing a surprise party, we do it all. Not just this, we also try adding a bit of drama in every way possible. Right from deciding a theme for the party to creating unique gifts, we leave no opportunity to amaze the birthday person.

But at times, we tend to lack ideas. Since our ultimate goal is to thrill and amaze the star of the day, we want our creativity to be at its peak. So, to help you bring out your creative best, here’s the blog that will fulfill all your wishes.

Here, we are listing some amazing ways to say happy birthday to the birthday person.

Bake Them Something Yummy

baked goods cookies
credit: Rai Vidanes

If your loved one prefers homemade gifts, try to bake something special that you know they’ll love. Of course, birthday cakes are always a hit, but cookies, cupcakes, pies, brownies, or any other sweet treats are sure to be crowd-pleasures as well. Just make sure you find out if the recipient has any food allergies or dietary requirements first.

Create a Special Birthday Video

birthday party gift ideas
credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Birthday videos are a popular trend nowadays. Not just because they are easy to create, but because they can bring back a lot of memories for the special one. With the least effort from relatives, friends, and guests, this video can be created, which eventually becomes a lifetime memory. All you need to do is pick a good birthday video-making tool like Celebrate. Create an event page and send invites, asking your near and dear ones to contribute short videos for the celebrant. You can then sort and upload the best clips on the platform, collating them into a beautiful video slideshow, featuring all the memories of the celebrant. You can personalize the video with graphics, effects, or music to make it more alluring. And, after you save it, it is ready to be played or shared on social media and all the contributors. It is sure to make the best gift ever.

Throw Them a Theme Party

birthday party ideas
credit: Lucas Hoang

There are a lot of party themes that are waiting to be explored. Pick something unique and unforgettable to mark their special day. Ask the guests to dress up according to the set theme and keep the party game on. You can even pick the theme that is closest to the celebrant’s heart for more fun. Themes can be based on literature, sports, Disney characters, Hollywood and so much more.

Buy Them A Beautiful Bouquet or House Plant

unique gift ideas
credit: Hassan Ouajbir

Plants and flowers are something that can lift up anyone’s mood. Seeing green and so many colors are sure to make them happy from the inside. They can enjoy their day planting trees or arranging the flowers they just got. They will have a companion to be with even when nobody else is there. This gift will always remind them of you.

Give Them an Experiential Gift

experiential gift ideas spa massage
credit: Andrea Piacquadio

For the person who has everything, an experience might be a better gift than a tangible item. This can include a trip to their favorite museum, a spa day, a dinner at that restaurant they’ve always wanted to go to, a hike, or anything else that speaks to their particular interests.

Get Them Something For Their Pet

unique gift ideas dog pets toys
credit: Marieke Koenders

If the recipient is a dog or cat person, then they probably love to spoil their fur babies rotten. Consider getting their pet some fun toys, clothing, or treats and your loved one will definitely be pleased with your thoughtfulness.

Surprise Them With a Gift Basket

unique gift ideas gift basket jam food
credit: Dmitry Mashkin

Gift baskets never fail to surprise anybody. This gift is apt for all ages; right from kids to adults. Depending on the age of the recipient, you can curate the box yourself or you can buy a pre-made basket. It can have absolutely everything they love. You can add snacks, wafers, chocolates, candles, skincare goodies, or even small stuffed toys. It can also have flowers and a gift card that you have written personally. There is no limit to what can be added here. You can also include coupons for spas or online gift cards to double their joy of receiving.

With these ways listed above, you will never run out of ideas now. Plan your loved one’s birthday and surprise them in the most adorable ways. They are sure to appreciate your effort and love you for how you have made them feel.