Adam Scott on ‘Parks & Rec’, ‘Big Little Lies’, And Finding Success Later in Life

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Adam Scott is a pretty recognizable face in Hollywood, popping up in everything from Step Brothers and Party Down, to Parks & Rec and more recently, Big Little Lies.

In a new interview with Rogue Magazine, the actor opened up about what it was like working on these cult-favorite shows, and why he’s pleased he found success later in life.

One of Scott’s most beloved roles is as Ben on Parks & Rec, about which Scott had only wonderful things to say. He said,

“It’s a very sweet show, it’s a very lovable show–all the characters are really good people who want the world to be better.”

Agreed. And we could use more of that IRL. He added,

“But in addition to that, it had the best joke writers in comedy working. That writer’s room, it was a murderer’s row of writers so we had the funniest material hands down. It was this great combination of Mike Schur [Parks showrunner] and this writer’s room, all lovely people and this group of actors who are all lovely people. Maybe if you watch that show, if it inspires you to get into comedy, maybe it’s because it looks fun when you watch the show and I can say without hesitation that was so fun, I think we all miss it every day. There was nothing more fun than getting to go to work and make that show for the years that we did, it was the best.”

Ugh, swoon. Sounds like making Parks was just as wonderful as we imagined.

His newer, significantly more dramatic role in HBO’s hit Big Little Lies had many fans asking about why he made this big shift. Scott explained,

“I was looking to try something different, specifically finding something pushing a little away from the comedy realm, and then this show popped up. I actually reached out to [Reese Witherspoon] after I saw Wild because I found that movie so moving and so beautifully shot and edited and her performance was astounding. So it was kind of a wish list group of people and luckily I got the gig, so if that’s all that came from this, that’s more than enough, just the experience of doing it. I’m really happy that people liked it.”

Additionally, Adam Scott got his start in the acting world later in life, in terms of Hollywood standards. His breakout role in Party Down didn’t come until his mid-thirties. Adam is actually appreciative of this later success and explained,

“It took me a while to really find my place and I was grateful for that, I know that if things happened quickly for me back when I started out when I was in my early twenties, I would have squandered it. I wouldn’t have squandered it on limos and cocaine, it would have been squandered on inexperience and the fact that I wasn’t ready yet, I wasn’t particularly good yet or not good enough.”

He continued,

“So it took a while for me to find what I’m good at and where to kind of plot myself when I’m most relaxed, comfortable, and ready to do my best. So yeah there were many years of smaller parts, I’m proud of all that. For me, I’m happy that it ended up taking so long.”

I guess sometimes good things really do come to those who wait!


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