8 Easy Ombre Nail Designs

ombre nails
credit: Jesse Donoghue

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With the expansion in the world of nail art, ombre nails have really gained popularity. Ombre designs are simple and pass the vibe of sophistication, and this is one of the reasons why they are a common nail idea. There are so many ways in which you can design your nails for the perfect ombre finish you are craving.

Ombre designs are not complicated to come up with as they may appear. As long as you are motivated and willing to try, you can come up with your own ombre design in the comfort of your home. Below are some amazing designs of ombre nails that you can try out today.

1. Color Fade Ombre

This idea features a light color at the base starting from the cuticles, and a brighter color that appears to be fading is introduced as you move up toward the tips of the nails.

It is the perfect design for ombre nails if you want to feature your favorite bright color but do not want to get too much attention to your nails by getting the full mode of the bright color.

This design can be done on any nail length you like. You can rock in this design for both casual and formal events.

2. Pink Ombre

For lovers of pink color, this is the perfect ombre design. Pink is a beautiful color that is used to represent beauty and femininity.

This design features a light color on the base and the tips a pink color. You can use any shade of pink you want for this design. Those who are obsessed with pink color can have fun alternating different shades of pink every time they change their nails.

3. Vertical Color Clash Ombre

Ombre nails do not have to obey the obvious rule of lighter color at the base and brighter color at the tips. In this design, the lighter color goes to one of the nail’s sides in a vertical manner rather than the typical horizontal manner.

The difference in color does not have to take a specific order as you get the opportunity to choose which side gets to be light and which gets to be bright. However, the order you choose to follow should be consistent for all nails.

4. Cotton Candy

This design is very unique, and you do not have to use a lighter shade on the base. It is an alternation of two bright colors such as blue and pink.

You should be careful when choosing the colors to use because some colors don’t blend to avoid color clashing. In this design, you get the opportunity to use two of your favorite colors. The design can be done on any nail length and is the perfect design to rock for a casual event.

5. Glazed Donut Ombre

This is a very subtle design for those who love being simple. The ombre nails in these designs are only covered in transparent nail polish. If your natural nails are long enough, you only need to shape them for this design.

6. Marshmallow Ombre

This is the reverse of the typical ombre design. In this case, the darker shade goes to the base, while the brighter nail polish goes to the tips.

7. Pastel Ombre

This ombre design features four polished colors in a single manicure. The colors should be very compatible and preferably from the same family to avoid color clashing.

It is advisable to use simple matte colors to avoid drawing too much attention to your nails, especially if you do not appreciate the attention.

This design should be done on preferably long nails to give enough space for all four colors without overlapping.

8. Monochrome Ombre

These ombre nails are done in the same nail polish color. The ombre is created by making the color darker on the tips and lighter on the base.

This can be done by applying a single layer of polish for the base coat and overlapping several layers at the tips. Once the polish has dried, you can apply a clear top coat for an extra shine.