8 Inspirational Women We Can All Learn From

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Women have experienced several hardships and inequities throughout time and across cultures. Today, we’re honoring eight women who have overcome adversity, broken down walls, and transformed the world.

1. Muna AbuSulayman

Muna AbuSulayman is renowned for anchoring Kalam Nawaem, one of the most famous TV series in the Arab world. Kalam Nawaem, a one-hour program hosted entirely by women and is credited with breaking down societal barriers on Arab TV by addressing issues like women’s rights, sexual assault, homosexuality, and separation.

Muna is also the current head of strategies and a shareholder in Glowork, a tool that lets Saudi women seek jobs. She is a strong supporter of feminism and has also advocated for welfare services and fundraising, which makes her stand out even more.

2. Krista Donaldson

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Krista Donaldson is the CEO of a renowned Silicon Valley-based non-profit that provides medical gadgets to people who live on less than four dollars each day. The goal is to manufacture high-quality medical equipment that is more appropriate for underdeveloped nations. Then, the idea is to sell it to for-profit marketers in those places. D-Rev, Krista’s company, has pioneered the development of Brilliance, a cheap therapy for infants with jaundice, and the ReMotion prosthesis knee, which is now used by over 5,000 amputees in developing markets.

3. Simone de Beauvoir

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Simone de Beauvoir is known for challenging religious dogma and fighting for equality. She was born in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Second Sex, Beauvoir’s most famous work, was published in 1949 and contributed to starting a discussion about feminist ideology. She challenged patriarchy and presented a comprehensive attack on the concept that women were suited for submissive roles. The Vatican forbade the publication of the work, but that didn’t stop Beauvoir from demanding equality and continuing with her plan.

4. Yuri Kochiyama

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Activist Yuri Kochiyama grew up in California after Her dad was captured during Pearl Harbor and her parents were taken to a Japanese detention center. Yuri found connections between bigotry against Asian-Americans and the afflictions of Black Americans and she later became involved in Black freedom and Asian-American campaigns, collaborating with Malcolm X and other Black Rights parties.

5. Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta is a Mexican-American labor leader and activist. Huerta has battled for laborers’ rights, foreigners’ rights, and equality, and she continues to do so. Huerta has garnered numerous awards throughout her activist career, including the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights. Dolores Huerta is most widely recognized in the Latinx community for her mantra, “Si se puede.”

6. Gloria Steinem

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Although a figurehead in the white feminist community, Gloria Steinem has not been perceived with controversy. In the late 20th century, she received substantial condemnation from the gay and lesbian community for her opposition to Renee Richards’ gender transition operation. Steinem later emphasized that her comments were made during a period when little was understood about the transgender journey, and later she stated that LGBTQ lives should be cherished, not criticized.

Since then, she’s become an outspoken proponent of an integrated female perspective in recent years, claiming that the women’s movement must include people from all races, classes, genders, and sexual orientations.

7. Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells was an important civil rights advocate and Black writer and professor, as well as a member of the NAACP. She was born into poverty and slavery. She eventually became free due to the Emancipation Proclamation, but not before she had lost both of her parents to disease when she was just 16 years old. If you’re looking for someone to write about for your assignment, you should choose Ida. She’s the perfect example of a woman who stood up for herself, went through hardship, and became independent. If you’re still not sure what to write about, you can hire an academic assignment writer to help you out. Professional writers, like the ones working for AssignmentBro, are always available to help students with their homework.

8. Audre Lorde

audre lorde

Feminist writer and icon Audre Lorde had to work hard for years to achieve her success. Her first effort into protest literature was released in 1961 after she received her Columbia University Master’s degree. Her work was called Cables to Rage. It was also the book in which she came out as a lesbian.

Cables to Rage, like Audre’s past poetry collections, tackled issues such as discrimination, women’s rights, lesbian partnerships, and prejudice. Her work helped to establish her as a powerful figure in the feminist movement.

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