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How many times have you been confused in choosing what goes best with any specific outfit? The more choices we have, the more confusing it becomes. We do not intend to say that you shouldn’t own accessory alternatives (in fact, the more you have, the better!) but, you need to have an eye to decide what goes best with each look.

Need help? Check out the following for advice on how to take your basic outfit up a notch.

1. Scarf

fashion essentials

Heading out during the daytime? Get a moderately sized scarf to tie around your neck. You can coordinate patterns as well as colors. With a plain blouse, maybe add something floral. A basic look can literally be lit up if the right patterns are used. If you are heading to the marketplace, maybe use a scarf with stripes on it. Or something with detailing that may be minor but does not fail to stand out.

Keep reading. It’s time to go from simple to stylish. These fashionable pieces of clothing can help you change your look from top to bottom.

2. Put on a Leather Jacket

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Yes, a leather jacket can make you look chic regardless of the season or time of the day. Even if you are wearing a mini skirt or a button-down shirt with palazzo pants, a leather jacket can literally make your look kick-ass. With the right amount of chic, elegant and fashionable, leather jackets will make you look your best. The key is to buy a solid color and good quality jacket that fits well. Invest in a worthwhile brand for leather jackets like lyrevojackets.

Leather jackets are worth the investment and last you up to a decade if you care for them just right.

Instead of opting for an accent piece, like a headband, consider a jacket with embellishments. The style will be as easy as the other pieces of clothing that you wear, but the texture will instantly enhance your entire look.

3. A Tank Top

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Everyone has a go-to shirt to wear that they choose when they are not able to decide upon anything. You may have a basic tee, but nothing beats the cool x-factor of a tank top. In addition to a solid base layer, today’s tank tops are designed in a way to play with the neckline, both through asymmetrical cuts and ultra-thin straps and to show on sunny days. Whether you tweak your style with comfy sweatpants or tuck them in your jeans, no wardrobe is complete if it does not have a tank top.

It’s a literal essential and an inner layer.

4. Sweater

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While this piece of clothing is underestimated, it does become essential during winters when you need the right amount of protection from the chilly wind and style. If you are wearing a full-sleeved top, then you may want to go for sleeveless sweaters, or if you are wearing a sleeveless top, then the opposite will be the answer. Basic, monotones, and even embroidered sweater options are available for you to pick from.

5. Belt

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No, they are technically not another “layer”, but putting them on your dress can give them a whole new look. Even if you have a plain solid colored dress and think that you need to spice it up, maybe add a gold belt for the sake of detailing. It also gives your body a definite shape. So rather than wearing a boring baggy dress, embrace the minimalistic look and make a style statement of your own.

Belts are never outdated. Remember that.

6. Leggings

best layering pieces

Going to wear a mini skirt? Well, wear a pair of leggings underneath. No matter how basic you think they are or even if you think that they mean nothing, take two pictures of yourself — one with leggings on and one without them. You will see how your legs look in definitive shape. Leggings make you look thinner. If the overall look is a bit too basic, then you can wear something with a hint of embroidery on it. One can trace the history of leggings at least back to seven centuries. Also, it is not a very expensive investment, but still worth it.

7. Layer ‘Em With a Poncho

layering essentials

A poncho can be a great alternative to the sweater and is great for autumn days that are not too cold but not too hot. Get rid of the image in your head from yellow plastic clothes because ponchos aren’t just rainy day clothes. Cover it over a fitted top or turtleneck and pair it with jeans. If you get toasty, you can unwrap the layer, and since most ponchos aren’t very bulky, you can quickly fold them up and put them in a bag.

8. A Denim Jacket

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Denim will never ever be anything else other than being trendy.

Denim is comfortable and is great for all seasons. Yes, if you plan to wear a denim jacket during winters, you may wear a turtle neck inside in order to give yourself the right amount of warmth. This kind of layering always works well. If you notice, this type of dressing is timeless in itself.

Check out the style people used to carry during the 1970s and beyond. Turtle necks with denim (jeans and jackets) have always been the go-to when people wanted to look the right amount of sexy and effortless.

And yes, this idea is unisex, by the way.

Bottom line

You’ve probably heard the expression before that the first impression is the last impression. Yes, it is. While we do not want people to judge a book by its cover, we would urge you to not resort to the assumption that other people would not. In order to set yourself apart, you need to make a strikingly strong and stylish first impression.

Of all the layers, you can pick the one that you think would be the best. A base layer or even an upper layer can do equally well. You just need to choose the right colors and patterns.

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