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For those who don’t have easy and affordable access to doctors, or even to information, Ask Tia wants to help you. The latest in women’s health apps is trying to bridge the information gap when it comes to birth control.

Ask Tia, invented by former Google employee Carolyn Witte, is determined to help women across the nation find their perfect birth control and answer their burning questions regarding reproductive and sexual health. Unfortunately, so many women just don’t have the resources to help them make an informed decision regarding their options, whether it’s because they can’t afford to get help, they live in rural areas and don’t have easy access, or they are just too embarrassed to ask their doctors.

Witte was inspired to create the free app after she discovered after many trips to the doctor and lots of research that she had cysts on her ovaries. She wrote in an essay for Medium,

“I thought: if I, who am fortunate enough to have the most access to information and high-quality health care can’t figure this stuff out, how can anyone figure it out? So, I set out on a mission to reimagine women’s healthcare from the ground up through the lens of the millennial female experience.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Ask Tia is still in beta right now, but essentially it’s a chat app where you can ask anything. The app will even help you find your perfect birth control fit. While the app is a chat bot, they do have a doctor and a pharmacist on the team to make sure that all answers are medically correct.

To be clear, the app can’t actually get you birth control, but it can get you all the information you need to make a decision for your health needs. Tia can also answer questions regarding your period, pap smear test results, and more.

The app seems to be part of a larger push in the tech world these days for women to truly understand their reproductive choices.  Apps like Spot On from Planned Parenthood, Maven Clinic, and Nurx are fighting for reproductive freedom on a daily basis by making sure women have all the resources they need in their pocket (literally!).

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