Don’t Give Amy Poehler Any Credit for ’Broad City’

Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer just made their Nylon magazine cover debut. And damn did they rock it!

The funny ladies chatted about everything from the new season to their epic friendship. Oh, and did we mention that the interview included a denim-fabulous photo shoot? Yeah.

In case you haven’t gotten a chance to read the Nylon article (TL;DR), we’ve got you covered. Below, the best bits of their interview.

Broad City is a seriously well-oiled machine.

Ilana explained,

“I’ve watched the machine of Abbi and Ilana just get faster and sleeker. And it’s just so delicious to press the button or pull the lever. I’m like, ‘Just go bitch.’”

Season 4 isn’t just be about Trump (although he’s definitely in there).

“Our timeline will be vaguely current. This season is infused with what they’re feeling—and what we’re feeling—which is something along the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Sometimes it may just be a joke or something in the background, but we definitely want that feeling to be cohesive across the season.”

Abbi added,

“It’s about taking shittiness and putting a spin on it. The stakes are so high in general in the world right now that I think it even heightens the potential of how funny taking on this serious stuff can be.”

The ladies have become workaholics.

Ilana said,

“We are kind of constantly working, even when we’re catching up and hanging out. For us, hanging out is work. But ‘work’ is a positive word. It just doesn’t stop. It’s fluid and seamless.”

Don’t give Amy Poehler any credit for their awesomeness.

Poehler, who’s an executive producer of the show, said,

“I wish I could take parental credit for guiding them, but they’re just such hardworking, competent, funny, talented people—it’s always felt like a real, true collaboration.”

Their characters’ jobs were inspired by real life.

Before Ilana Wexler worked at Deals! Deals! Deals, the real Ilana was slacking off at Lifebooker. And while Abbi Abrams was stuck as a cleaner at Soulstice, IRL Abbi was handing out flyers for Equinox. We think it’s for the best they each moved on.

Broad City‘s future is still up in the air.

Ilana said,

“I would never want to get to a point where we’re off our game in writing this world and these characters. That’s kind of when I think we’ll just know it’s time to stop.”

Season 4 will be dope af.

If you’re worried Broad City can’t sustain itself this season, let Abbi assure you.

“It’s a release to come out with Season 4 and say, ‘I love this product we’ve made and I’m so happy to put it out in the world.'”


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