‘Pretty Little Liars:’ Top 9 Questions We Need Answered in the Finale

pretty little liars unanswered questions

The Pretty Little Liars series finale is finally upon us and yet we seem to have a ton of unanswered questions. In fact, the PLL subreddit has a google doc with more than 80 things we still need to know.

So how are they going to wrap this all up? We have a feeling they won’t. There will probably still be plot holes and confusion, but at least we’ll finally know who A.D is, right? Below find our top need-to-know questions that remain unanswered.

Does Spencer Actually Have a Twin?

One of the reigning A.D. theories is that Spencer has a secret twin. And when Spencer was spotted with Wren randomly in the airport, fans finally thought they had the proof. And if she doesn’t have a twin, what the heck was she doing at the airport with Wren?

What Does Wren Have to Do with This?

We haven’t seen Wren in years and yet all the sudden he pops up for five seconds? Either he’s working with A.D. or Marlene was trying to mess with us. Either way, we need to know.

Is Bethany Young actually dead?

A.D theory #2 is that Bethany is actually A.D and/or Spencer’s fraternal twin. We obviously have no hardcore proof of either but we like the idea that she somehow survived.

How did the moms get out of the basement?

Ok, we realize this probably won’t be addressed in the series finale but still, fans deserve to know!

Why does A.D care so much who killed Charlotte?

A.D. is coming after the girls so he/she can find out who killed Charlotte (ahem, Mona). But how does A.D. know Charlotte in the first place? What’s the motivation here?

How did A.D. get all of Charlotte’s things?

A.D. somehow seems to have all of Charlotte’s possessions. Did he/she steal them? Were they left them in Charlotte’s will?

How does A.D. have endless money/resources?

Again, this is probably not something we’ll ever get an answer to. But it would be nice if there were actually some logic here offered up. We’re not asking for much.

Why did they have to kill off Maya?

According to Marlene, Maya’s death was the plot point fans took the hardest. Why did they have to kill her off in the first place? She was awesome!

Who the f is A.D.?

Only time will tell.

The Pretty Little Liars series finale airs this Tuesday.

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