9 Celebrities Affected by Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a real problem that plagues the world, no matter which part of the globe we take into account. As per the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence of the US, one in every three women has suffered from abuse in the household. The same is true for one in every four men.

Celebrities also suffer from such violence and have started speaking out about their experiences. This sheds more light on the issue and makes it a point of discussion. This can be easily assessed when we look at the number of domestic violence essays on PapersOwl’s website that speak about various aspects of this problem. Students are researching this topic more and more and writing essays and papers on it to bring it in front of more eyes.

Academic research like this can go a long way in making an issue well-known and talked about. Reading such an essay, someone in an abusive relationship might find the courage to speak up and save themselves from emotional and physical trauma.

Celebs Talking About Domestic Abuse

There are a number of big names in the entertainment industry who have spoken about their stories related to this problem. Whether we consider Rihanna or Sarah Hyland, there are many such stories that exist. Here are nine such celebs who are survivors of abuse and have openly talked about it:

1. Mariah Carey


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Mariah Carey talked about her experience of being emotionally abused in an interview with Larry King. She mentioned how the person was not only her husband but was also in control of her life at the time due to being in business with her. She also mentioned that it was very difficult for her to get out of the situation because of these reasons.

2. Rihanna


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This singer’s story is one that is very well-known when it comes to a man physically assaulting and severely injuring a female celebrity. This happened in 2009 when Chris Brown repeatedly punched the pop star. Brown later pled guilty and was sentenced to probation for five years and community labor for 180 days. Rihanna told Vanity Fair in 2015 that it was still something very serious for her and for a lot of people out there.

3. Halle Berry


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When we talk about domestic violence, it is important to realize that it doesn’t have to happen to someone directly for them to be affected. In Halle Berry’s case, it was watching her mom being abused by her father that scarred her. Now she says that she has struggled with issues regarding her self-worth and has chosen the wrong type of partners. And as soon as she starts to recognize signs of domestic abuse, she has “run out the door”. Because of the experiences she’s had, she now is a supporter of the Jenesse Center, which is a program that provides shelter and support to women and children.

4. Tyler Perry


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Tyler Perry has had a lot of abusive relationships in his lifetime. His dad was an alcoholic who would beat him, his grandmother once used ammonia to bathe him in an attempt to get rid of his allergies, and he was sexually assaulted by the mother of a friend when he was just a child. Despite all the mental and physical trauma he has been through, he says that he has learned to forgive the ones who have hurt him.

5. Charlize Theron


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Charlize Theron was a victim of seeing incredible amounts of brutality at home. Her dad, Charles, was an alcoholic who was also abusive. One night, he started shooting in the house when he came to the house drunk. Theron’s mom ended up killing him by shooting back. Today, Theron is a Messenger of Peace for the UN and attempts to keep every woman safe who suffers from similar brutality as her mom did. She also said that she would force her parents to get divorced if she had the power to change the past.

6. Debbi Morgan


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Recounting how her dad would brutally hurt her mom, Debbi Morgan shared a chilling story about how he choked her mom with a pole one day after kicking down the front door. Morgan’s outlook on life was so affected by such events that she got married to three abusive men before she could make the decision to break the cycle.

7. Christina Aguilera


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Christina Aguilera also lived through years of brutality at the hands of her dad. It made her feel caged and affected her health. She says that it was her marriage with her then-husband that ended up helping her heal. She and her husband separated on good terms and she’s glad that her son didn’t have to see a thing like that.

8. Patrick Stewart


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As a young boy, Patrick Stewart saw his dad beating his mom over and over again. He now says that he was so scared and miserable that he would have killed his dad if he felt like he would succeed in doing so. This is one of the effects of domestic violence on young children. They often turn aggressive towards others but Patrick Stewart did not and decided to help others when he was able to.

9. Dwayne Haskins


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While most victims of physical brutality in the household are females, males also suffer from such incidents. An example of such people is Dwayne Haskins. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback was hit in the face by his wife during an argument in Las Vegas. Haskins ended up losing a tooth.


Whether it is something that one faces during their childhood or as an adult, violence and abuse can often leave permanent scars on one’s life. There are a plethora of those who suffer from such problems and celebs are no different. The only aspect that differs is that when celebs speak up about this side of their lives, the issues are brought to the limelight.

If you know something who might be going through something like this and have wanted to speak about it at times, do it. It is one of the best ways to help someone get out of this cycle and get the love they deserve.