9 Fashion Trends That Are About to Blow Up in 2023

fashion trends 2023
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Let’s be real, 2022 was a rough year for fashion trends.

Low-rise, itty bitty skirts that only look good on 5’10 models, micro mini bags that could only hold a single chapstick, and *shudder* the return of corduroy.

As someone who already lived through the 90s and Y2K fashion trends, I had no desire to repeat them. Fortunately, it looks like things might be looking up for 2023.

For one, hems are going to get longer again. Knee-length skirts and maxi dresses returned to the runway for fashion month (thank god!).

And bags are getting bigger, especially when it comes to tote bags.

We’ll also be sporting a bright new hue in the shade of cobalt blue, a color sure to look good on a variety of skin tones.

Other trends to be on the lookout for include motocross looks (who doesn’t love a cool moto jacket?), cargo pants (which I’m personally still not sold on), and perhaps even no pants at all (uhhhh…).

That said, there are still a few hold-over trends from 2022 that aren’t quite ready to die.

Sheer and mesh pieces will still take up space in our wardrobes, as will ballet flats from our balletcore days.

And while cobalt blue might soon be filling up our closets, we’re apparently not ready to give up on barbiecore and our desire to walk around town looking like a stick of double bubble.

Below check out the biggest trends we spotted at fashion month that are set to take over 2023 — whether we like it or not.

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1. Cargo Pants

fashion trends 2023 winter
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Pockets, pockets everywhere! Cargo pants have been making a slow return over the past year and it looks like they’re ready to go public.

Spotted at: Blumarine, Diesel, Sacai, Laquan Smith

2. Cobalt Blue

fall winter fashion trends 2023
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Movie over Valentino Pink because Cobalt Blue is about to make its debut.

Spotted at: Jason Wu, Off-White, Alexander McQueen

3. Jumbo Tote

winter fashion trends 2023
credit: DepositPhotos.com

Finally! A bag that can *actually* carry more than a chapstick. Let us all rejoice!

Spotted at: Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Loewe, Bottega Veneta

4. 3D Florals

milan fashion week fashion trends 2023
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Taking it up a notch with 3D flowers and floral appliques.

Spotted at: Carolina Herrera, Bottega Veneta, Loewe, Roberto Cavalli

5. Moto

moto fashion trends winter 2023
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Swapping out our jean jackets for faux leather moto ones.

Spotted at: Chloe, Dion Lee, Gucci, David Koma, Stella McCartney

6. No Pants

winter fashion trends 2023
credit: DepositPhotos.com

No pants? No problem! Grab a pair of boy shorts and tights and go.

Spotted at: Coperni, Loewe, Sportmax

7. Sheer Everything

fashion trends 2023
credit: DepositPhotos.com

Looks like the mesh trend is here to stay.

Spotted at: Tory Burch, Loewe, Sandy Liang, Miu Miu, Prada, Coperni

8. Long Hems

2023 fashion trends
credit: Depositphotos.com

Donate those micro mini skirts and opt for maxis and midis instead.

Spotted at: Altuzarra, Lili Notan, Fendi, Prada, Versace Saint Laurent

9. Gold & Silver Metallics

biggest fashion trends 2023
credit: DepositPhotos.com

Who says metallics are just for nighttime?

Spotted at: Michael Kors, Simone Roche, Givenchy, Isabel Marant


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