9 Period Products That Will Make Your Life *So* Much Easier

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Let’s be real: periods can be a real pain (and we mean that literally).

From the cramps to the aches to the fatigue, a bad period can completely upend your entire day or even week.

But luckily, there are *a ton* of innovations that can make your period a piece of cake (or, at the very least, suck a little less). Things like menstrual cups with applicators, mini TENS machines, and more can relieve some of the pain and strain you experience every month.

Check out our favorite picks below.

1. The Sunny Menstrual Cup + Applicator


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The period care company Sunny recently came up with the most genius invention ever: a menstrual cup that inserts like a tampon. The Sunny Cup is a super flexible menstrual cup with a reusable tampon-like applicator that makes inserting a menstrual cup incredibly easy.

Founded by Cindy Belardo and Drew Jarvis, the Sunny Cup was designed to make menstrual cups more accessible than ever. Traditional cups can be extremely difficult to insert so the Sunny Cup is perfect for anyone who wants to make the switch to a menstrual cup but has been hesitant in the past.

Given the reusable nature of both the cup and the applicator, the Sunny Cup is one of the most eco-friendly period options available and can help you cut down on the mountains of tampons and pads that end up in landfills each year.

In addition to the Sunny Cup + Applicator, the period care brand also has a line of End Period Poverty merch, from which 20% of all proceeds go straight to the non-profit organization Period.org.

To learn more about Sunny, you can check out the Sunny Cup + Applicator Preorder page, the Sunny TikTok Profile, and Sunny’s Blog.

2. A Cuddly Heating Pad


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If you’re used to experiencing cramps every month, you probably already have a reliable heating pad. But these cuddly heating/cooling pads are *so* much better (and cuter!). The pads triple up as heating pads, cooling pads, and cuddle buddies so you’ll be more than covered for whatever you need.

3. Heating Patches


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If you need pain relief but need to be mobile, you’ll want to keep a few heating patches on hand which will discreetly provide you with relief. You can go the traditional route with a standard heating wrap, or you can try out a heating patch made especially for period pain, which includes a few additional ingredients like hemp extract or jasmine oil.

4. Mini TENS Machine


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If heating pads don’t provide enough relief, you might want to consider trying a TENS machine, which emits low-frequency electrical currents. They’ve long been used by physical therapists and chiropractors and now you can get your hands on a home version.

Some companies make ones specifically for period cramps, but they tend to be *a lot* more expensive than the cheap versions and it’s unclear whether they provide significantly more relief.

5. A Period Tracking App

Never be surprised by your period ever! If you want to make sure you’re prepared next time your period strikes, consider using a period tracking app. Planned Parenthood makes a free version that protects your data and privacy unlike some of the other apps on the market. These apps can also be extremely helpful if you’re experiencing irregular periods and need to keep track in anticipation of your next gyno appointment.

6. Emergency Underwear


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We’ve all been there: our pads have overflowed and our underwear has been ruined. That’s why you might want to consider packing an emergency pair of undies in your bag. Certain brands make extremely lightweight travel panties with moisture-wicking and odor-blocking fabrics that will help if you’re in a pinch.

7. Travel Motrin


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You can never go wrong with a pack of travel Motrin (or Advil, if that’s your game) when you’re menstruating. Fortunately, you can get pre-made packs of two that can discreetly fit in any bag or pocket.

8. A Collapsible Water Bottle


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Menstruating causes fluid loss so it’s extra important that you stay hydrated. If you’re not used to carrying drinking water daily, look into getting a collapsible water bottle that can be used on the go. It won’t take up much room in your bag when you don’t need it but will be at the ready when you do.

9. A Discreet Vibrator


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In case you missed the memo, masturbation can actually help reduce period pain! Awesome, right? If you have roommates, you might want to consider investing in an extra-quiet vibrator. If you travel a lot, opt instead for an affordable bullet vibrator that can go with you anywhere. Either way, you pretty much can’t go wrong here.

Last Words

Periods suck, but they don’t have to. There are ways to make your period easier and way less painful. Invest in a few goodies and you can save yourself a lot of heartache (and a few backaches, too!).

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