9 Plus Size Clothing Brands That Go Above Size 26

super fat plus size clothing above size 26
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As inclusivity has become more popular, clothing brands have scrambled to extend their sizes in an effort to appear more “body positive”.

Brands that once stopped at size 12 and XL are now going up to sizes 22 or 24.

This is obviously a great improvement — everyone deserves to have tons of options of cute things to wear!

But there’s still one major problem: people’s bodies don’t magically stop at size 24.

There are plenty of people whose clothing size extends beyond that and they too should have access to trendy, affordable clothing.

So, we did a little research and found some of the cutest clothing brands that go above size 26. Check them out below.

1. Loud Bodies (2XS-10XL)


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Loud Bodies is all about embracing your feminine side! They offer gorgeous, ethereal dresses and much, much more. Even better? They use sustainable fabrics!

Sizing goes from 2XS to 10XL but they also offer free custom sizing if you have any specific requests.

2. On the Plus Side (Sizes 22-48)

On the Plus Side offers a wide range of products including comfy basics and casual dresses. Sizing goes from 22-48 and 1X to 8X so you’re sure to find something that fits.

Pricing is pretty reasonable with most things under $100.

3. IGIGI (Sizes 12-32 or custom-made)


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If you’re headed to an event, IGIGI should be your #1 go-to. Every dress is made-to-order and you can customize everything from the neckline to the length.

Dresses come in sizes 12-32, but they also offer free custom sizing.

4. Big Bud Press (2XS-7XL)


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Big Bud‘s clothing is way too fun to ignore! The brand offers unisex clothing inspired by the 70s so you’ll find everything from bright colors to plaids to tie-dye. But they also offer affordable basics if loud prints aren’t your thing.

Sizes go up to 7XL for tops and 5XL for pants.

5. Universal Standard (Sizes 00-40)

Universal Standard was doing plus-size clothing *way* before it was cool. The brand specializes in cozy comfy basics but also collab with designers for trendy pieces (like their current collab with Erdem).

Sizing goes up to 40.

6. Lane Bryant (Sizes 10-40)


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How could we not include the OG of plus-size clothing? Once upon a time, Lane Bryant was the only option for fat chicks, but now that they have a bit of competition, they’ve seriously upped their game.

The brand offers a ton of trendy pieces going up to size 40.

7. Swimsuits For All (Sizes 4-34)


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Ready to show off your bikini body this summer? Swimsuits For All has you covered! One-pieces and bikini bottoms go up to size 34 while bikini tops stop at 28 (tsk, tsk!)

The best part is the brand often collaborates with plus-size fashionistas like Ashley Graham and Gabi Gregg so you know you’ll find some super cute pieces.

8. Girlfriend Collective (2XS-6XL)


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If you’re looking for cute and comfy activewear, Girlfriend Collective is the perfect choice! The brand has everything you need and goes up to size 6X.

On top of that, they boast sustainability so you can feel good about your purchases.

9. Torrid (Sizes 10-30)


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I heavily debated whether or not to include Torrid on the list since they stop at size 30, which is pretty paltry compared to the rest of the brands on the list. But if you’re looking for cheap, trendy clothing, it’s a great brand to have in your back pocket (that is, as long as you’re below a size 30).

Know other awesome brands that extend beyond size 26? Tweet us @femestella and let us know!


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