Bella Hadid, aka one of the top straight-size models in the world, supposedly loves to eat chicken nuggets on the reg.

We know what you’re thinking: yeah, right.

Elle recently dropped an article all about Hadid and her love of nuggets, which included plenty of pics of Bella eating and drinking. In the interview, Hadid said,

“All I want is a cheeseburger and chicken nuggets. I don’t even know what planet I’m on right now.”

We hate when we see these types of articles — and boy are there plenty of them. Interviews with celebs reveal that they’re “just like us” and also indulge in fried food. And yet somehow, they always look like that. How is that fair?

Last year, Bella was apparently all about the pizza. She told WWD,

“Right now my diet is pizza, so recently that’s all I’ve been eating.”

Ok, we’re going to stop you right there.

Bella is only 20 years old, so perhaps she still has a super-fast metabolism. But no one can eat pizza daily and still be a top model.

So before you let Bella and her chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and pizza bum you out, let us clarify a few things.

Yes, Bella does work out. She has repeatedly stated that she doesn’t consider herself “a workout person” but she does have a personal trainer, namely Rob Piela, who works with many Victoria’s Secret models, including sis Gigi Hadid. Prior to the 2016 VS fashion show, Bella worked out with her trainer one-on-one for three hours a day.

As far as her diet is concerned, Bella works closely with celeb-approved nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler, whose eating plan consists of plain vegetables, protein shakes, fake-chocolate protein bars, and lots of nutrient supplements. Journalists who have taken on Dr. Passler’s 7-Day Pure Change diet program have noted that they lost too much weight.

Bella has even tried the infamous lemon juice cleanse. She told The Coveteur,

“I’ve done some crazy shit. This lemon cayenne juice cleanse is next level. It doesn’t sound crazy, and then once you’re in it and you’re like, ‘What is life? What is going on?’”

So to recap, yes, Bella Hadid eats chicken nuggets once in a while. But she also works out a lot and maintains a strict diet 99.9% of the time. Got it? Good.

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