FaceApp Releases Racist Filters, Internet Reacts Accordingly

faceapp racist filters
source: Twitter

In today’s edition of “what the hell?”, we present to you: FaceApp’s newest update.

When it first released, the app allowed users to upload photos of themselves and make them look older or younger (woohoo?). It also let people try to make themselves look “hotter”, an effect that basically just made faces whiter. Regardless, the app saw a huge surge in popularity.

Probably still high off their success, the company deemed it fit to release some new features. The new feature allows users to upload a picture and test out what they’d look like as a different race.

Yikes. I mean, just yikes.

To be so ignorant to the world around you is just gross. Even if you opt not to use that feature, I think everyone should just delete this app on principle.

How does crap like this keep happening? Who approved this? Seriously, I want names.

What it often boils down to is a lack of diversity in the board meetings. If there were a more diverse pool of employees, perhaps there would have been a person to raise concerns and say hmmm, maybe this is a bad idea.

Luckily, pretty much everyone agreed this was a terrible idea. As of this morning the app is planning on removing the feature. Because duh.

From Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial, to racist clothing companies, and now this, we just can’t help but scratch our heads. Companies need to be accountable for their actions and make sincere apologies; they need to call out their own ignorance. And they need to step up their game because I’m sure we are not the only ones getting sick of this.

Allie Bush
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