A Guide to Animal Cruelty-Free Makeup on a Student Budget

affordable cruelty free makeup

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In the last several years, rallying cries against animal testing have significantly increased as public awareness around the issue has spread. What started as a small movement among animal activists has gone public as consumers continue to learn about the use of animal by-products and animal testing, particularly in the beauty industry.

Animal cruelty has also caught the interest of academics, who have studied the topic in-depth in an attempt to expose the truth. If you’re a student currently studying the issue, make sure you check out free resources for your essay on animal cruelty. But you don’t have to be an undergraduate to learn about how animal cruelty has infiltrated your makeup products. If you’re interested in understanding animal testing and the use of animal by-products, read on for everything you need to know.

Why Should You Stay Away from Cosmetics Tested on Animals?

cruelty-free makeup

The cosmetic industry is polluted with brands that exploit animals in wicked ways. Using their products only makes you an indirect contributor to these acts. Students are getting wiser on these topics and here’s why:

Harm to animals

This is the primary reason why you should stay away from cosmetics tested on animals. These creatures are captured from their natural habitats and put into labs as subjects for cruel experiments and research. They test the animals with chemicals that are potentially dangerous for their skin and health. At the end of their testing, the animals are no longer active as they should be, leading to death.

Animal and Human Skin are not the same

These brands try to justify their actions by saying they only make sure that the products are safe for humans. In reality, animal and human skins are not the same. They have furs and tougher skins compared to ours, which makes them different.

If there is a clear difference between our skins, then why test it on them? It simply doesn’t make any sense.

Why Are Students Opting for Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands?

affordable cruelty free makeup

The topic of animal cruelty has gotten to students and society, and they don’t like the idea. A significant percentage of them are beginning to boycott and stay away from such brands. It’s a good thing to hear, and we are beginning to see more topics surrounding the matter. Here are some notable reasons why students prefer cruelty free brands:


Educational institutions have introduced ways to enlighten the students on the truth behind these cosmetic brands. They give them reports, assignments, and summaries to make by themselves. It works in such as way that such students can see for themselves the bad side of the cosmetic industry; they want to keep society safe for animals.


Cruelty-free companies are doing a great job in making their products cheap for students. They highly subsidize the prices such that it fits perfectly into the students’ budget. Now, a student can afford to buy their product without a major consideration on the budget.

On the other hand, these companies can bring down their price because of the reduced cost of production. They spend less; the cost for research and testing animals is out of the way. How do they pull it off?

· They use chemicals that have long proven to be compatible with human skin, hence, requiring no testing.
· They make good use of medical research to identify the possible effect of chemicals.

Clean Society

Every student is interested in getting a clean society, one that is free from animal cruelty. These cruelty-free cosmetics are making the world a better place for animals. The affordability, enough for a students’ budget to handle, is amazing.


affordable cruelty-free makeup

The best place to spread the awareness of inexpensive cruelty-free makeup is on paper, in educational institutions like colleges. Students would grow up to be in charge of these companies and brands. Awareness from their educational backgrounds would make the world a better place for us.