Hint: It wasn’t so great.

Believe it or not, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson had a life before the show, and it wasn’t too great.

The comedian recently chatted with The Daily Beast and admitted that her days were filled with “shitty jobs.”

“Before we got Broad City, I was working these shitty jobs and just—not even shitty, just jobs I didn’t care about.”

First, there was the assistant job…

“I was an assistant to this guy, and it’s just hard to fake that. If you can’t find something to latch onto in a job it’s just really tough.”

And then the job where she had to do a ton of cold-calling…

“It was terrifying. I hated it.”

And now she’s starring in one of the top shows on TV and acting in her first major film, Person to Person alongside Michael Cera. Could life get any better? We think not.


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