The new doc promises to tell abortion from women’s point of view.

HBO just released their documentary Abortion: Stories Women Tell and everyone is already on the edge of their seats. The new doc promises to tell abortion from women’s point of view, and vantage point that is so often lost in the politics.

The film focuses on abortion stories from Missouri, where there is only one clinic in the whole state that still performs the procedure. The filmmaker, Tracy Droz Tragos, grew up in MIssouri, so the stories hit close to home.

Showcased in the spring, the documentary received rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Tracy said her motivation for putting together the film was to cut through the politics and tell real women’s stories. She told Vogue in an interview,

“The conversation out there right now is very divisive, angry, a lot of name-calling and banning to hell. The most important thing is to reclaim the conversation just a little bit and give voice to women. That would be a big success.”

Tracy admitted that things have gotten significantly more strict in her home state since she’s left. She explains that within the past eight years is when things really took a turn: “that’s when this abstinence-based education took over.”

The film hit theaters on Friday, August 12th and will also air on HBO.

“Until there’s some kind of normalcy around this issue, until it stops being taboo and stigmatized, stops being this thing that women feel shamed for doing, for thinking about—there’s power in just having a voice, and in shifting the conversation away from politicians, particularly male politicians, who I think should be more silent on the matter.”

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