Acrush, Boy Band of Androgynous Girls, Releases First Music Video

acrush band
source: Instagram

If you haven’t heard of the band Acrush yet, a word of warning: they’re about to blow up. Actually, they technically already have blown up, except now they actually have a song to back them up.

Acrush is China’s boy band response to all the K-pop and J-pop sensations that have invaded China’s music industry. But the thing about Acrush is, the members are all girls.

We know what you’re thinking and no, this is not a spin of famous girl bands like Spice Girls, Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix. This is a legit boy band — crying female fans and all. Acrush’s talent agent set out to start an androgynous band to fill the regular “boy band” niche in China. After a nationwide talent search, they found five hot AF girls, the youngest of which is 18 years old. And actually “girl” is the wrong word. The group avoids using either the word “boy” or “girl” to describe the members, opting for the genderless noun “handsome youths.” And if you’ve seen them, you’d definitely agree that these five people are indeed handsome.

Acrush had a huge following before they even released a single — think One Direction on X Factor type of fame. But now they’ve finally released their first single and music video. Being cisgender just became so last year.

Lena Finkel
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