Iskra Lawrence Slams Diet Culture: I'm Way Healthier Now Than I Was When I Was Skinny

Aerie model Iskra Lawrence has long been a champion of body positivity and recently took aim at the toxicity of diet culture.

On the heels of Weight Watchers’ new app for kids, Iskra took to Instagram to exclaim her horror. She wrote,

“I’m disgusted that people/companies profit off of toxic diet culture, a perfected unrealistic beauty ideal, (including photoshop) and promoting that health looks like one thing.

“Millions of us have been and still are fighting our eating disorders, seeing weight watchers targeting children – showing before and afters, congratulating restrictive guilt-ridden eating behaviors is awful and heartbreaking.”

For Iskra, the issue is personal. As a young model, she struggled significantly with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

She often takes to social media to share her story and even posts side-by-side photos of herself from when she was younger versus herself now to show how her body has transformed post-eating disorder.

And contrary to popular belief, Iskra explains, she is significantly healthier now at a heavier weight than when she was skinny.

“Now, I’m wayyyyyyy healthier even if I’m heavier and have more fat on my body. I have a balanced life, I eat without guilt and shame, I don’t restrict, I love eating, cooking and I nourish my body with the fuel it needs and the exercise it deserves.”

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She added that when she was slimmer, she didn’t care about health or wellness, only “about thigh gaps and goal measurements.”

Now that Iskra has embraced a healthier lifestyle, she’s become an ambassador for NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) and often encourages women to get help if they struggle with body image issues like she did.

As a curvy model, Iskra has proven time and time again that success – and beauty – have absolutely nothing to do with a number of a scale. She’s currently the global role model for AERIE and is an ambassador for L’Oreal.

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If you or someone you know struggles with eating disorders or body images, head to NEDA for free resources and help.


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