It’s about damn time! Aerie is pushing out a new line of inclusive nude lingerie to cater to everyone.

The “Real Me” collection features five different nude shades (because obviously, peach nude is not the only nude) so that everyone can find a color fitting to their skin tone. Right now, the line is sticking to the basics of bras, thongs, and boy briefs, all in lightweight materials and simple designs.

Aerie’s president Jennifer Foyle told Glamour,

“These bras have ultimate comfort and are super lightweight, all while providing amazing support with the right amount of coverage. This is a collection truly designed to move with you, shape to you, and feel like you.”

They’ve also named each shade something cutesy in the name of self-love with colors called Honesty, Inspiration, Strength, Energy, and Confidence.

The sizing is also hoping to be a bit more inclusive, with all items ranging from XXS to XXL and bras from AA to DDD. This is, of course, a hallmark of Aerie, a brand that has made a point over the years of using curvy models like Iskra Lawrence and refusing to retouch blemishes and stretch marks. They’ve often been on the forefront of these kinds of trends that bigger brands end up adopting.

We’ve always applauded Aerie for being on the forefront of these types of issues, but we can’t help but wonder, what took so long? Not only is it incredibly exclusive not to cater to a large group of the public, but it’s also just bad business. Ignoring such a big part of the population, especially a group that is so often ignored, means losing out on a ton of potential customers. It basically means zero sense.

Good job to Aerie for stepping up this time, but let’s not overly laud something that frankly should have been done years ago.

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