Alec Baldwin Recalls Meeting Tina Fey for the First Time: 'I Fell in Love'

This just in: The Alec Baldwin-Tina Fey love affair you always wanted to witness on 30 Rock could have actually happened. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Alec Baldwin recently shared an excerpt from his new memoir in which he recounts meeting Tina Fey for the first time on the set of SNL and yes, falling in love with her. He writes,

“When I first met Tina Fey—beautiful and brunette, smart and funny, by turns smug and diffident and completely uninterested in me or anything I had to say—I had the same reaction that I’m sure many men and women have: I fell in love.”

He even went so far as to ask the talent coordinator Marci Klein if Fey was single. Of course, Fey was already married to her husband Jeff Richmond by that time. But just think what could have been!

Of course, their characters on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon, never made it as a couple as well, despite fans’ pleas. Of that, Baldwin says,

“Our characters, Liz and Jack, never consummated their relationship. There was, in place of that, a genuine respect, fondness, and, ultimately, love for a trusted and irreplaceable colleague. For Jack, the only thing better than good sex was a good hire.”

So, we guess Baldwin and Fey were just never meant to be — on screen or off. Nonetheless, Alec Baldwin still remembers his role on 30 Rock as “the best job he ever had.”

Since then, Baldwin has been keeping busy playing Donald Trump on SNL, a role he may soon put to bed. He noted that he wasn’t even originally game to play the role at all when Lorne Michaels asked.

“Anytime you do any kind of mimicry, it’s of somebody that you appreciate. I didn’t hate Trump. I just didn’t want to play him. But Tina and Lorne pushed me, so I finally said yes.”

And we’re so glad he did! And if Alec Baldwin decided he actually wanted to run the country as well, we’d be all for that.


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