Alexander Skarsgård Comments on the Finale of ‘Big Little Lies’

big little lies finale
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The Big Little Lies finale was absolutely nuts! In one of the most hyped shows of the season, the final moments of the miniseries did not disappoint.


For anyone who hasn’t finished the show yet, warning: spoilers ahead. And if you have, you now know that Perry (played by Alexander Skarsgård) is the one who meets his death. After it’s revealed that Perry raped Jane (Shailene Woodley), all the ladies take him down in one fowl swoop. And now Skarsgård (you probably recognize him from his time on True Blood) is speaking out about that epic moment.

Talking with Vulture, he said,

“Reading it made me think of like a nature documentary where you see a larger predator being taken down by a group of smaller predators, where they collectively attack him from all angles. He could take them down one-on-one, but as a group, it just exhausts him. It’s too many of them. It’s like when you set a bunch of dogs on a bear.

That’s what I envisioned when I read it, where he gets in there and he tries to grab his wife to get her out of there, and then suddenly they’re all over him, and one is on his back, and he shakes her off, and then someone else attacks his leg and he shakes her off, but it’s relentless and they’re fierce and they just won’t stop and they finally take him down. So, Bonnie might be the one who finally pushes him down the stairs, but it’s definitely a collective effort. And they all felt like they did it together and they share that secret.

The scene was filed in L.A., and the entire fight took two or three days to film in total.

All in all, Skarsgård called the miniseries “emotionally draining” to film, especially the fight scenes with Nicole Kidman.

“It’s very exhausting, and fortunately Nicole and I got to spend some time before starting the project to get to know each other and to build that trust because it’s incredibly important, when you shoot physical and emotional scenes like that, that you feel like you have a good partner, that you really genuinely trust each other, and that you’re in it together. And, we have that. Even at the end of the day, and obviously in-between takes, to really check in with each other and make sure that we were okay. But it was tough. It was very tough. They’re horrible scenes to shoot.”

What did YOU think of the finale?

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